Hand Speed: What Every Drummer Needs To Know



Hand Speed: What Every Drummer Needs To Know


25 comments on “Hand Speed: What Every Drummer Needs To Know

  1. Ray says:

    Sheet music not downloading to my phone.

    • Stephen says:

      Hey Ray…you will probably need to save it as a link (in your phone browser). Phones don’t download PDF’s unless you have an app that handles that sort of thing. There are some available.

  2. ignacio says:

    good morning,,perfect to my routine,,,thanks fro spain

  3. Mario Dumitrescu says:

    Thank you so much Stephen … again. For me it was quite a pleasant surprise . Believe it or not I am using the exercise 2 as a warm up , not knowing , or not thinking about what it is exactly ..But I am playing it only with the accent on the right hand.( it makes sense as my left hand is weaker ) Now with the sheet music it’s all clear to me . It’s the same process as for learning the accented sextuplets ( I am now very familiar with even at high speed….thanks to you !!! )

  4. Ben Gibson says:

    I can do the patterns with each of my hands. The problem is alternating them together so they “mesh” in an open stroke roll. I’ve worked on this for quite a while. Any suggestions? I wish you had slowly demonstrated this. Anyway, thanks so much for the lesson!

  5. Jean-yves BEAUREGARD says:

    Sorry for my poor english, I’m french, it’s difficult when it’s not your mother tonge….I like the way you explain the exercises
    and I’m interess to have one who is really efficient

  6. Owen says:

    Hello Stephen,
    I need to find out why printouts you make available, often printout with an 8 section coloured circle covering most of it (with DRUM BETTER DAILY on it)

    I have followed your instructions – clicked here – it says I am logged in as Owen then I go to the Print music box & click – then it comes up and whether I print from your embedded button or the generic one it stuffs up in the printout.
    I know it is a protection measure, but I have paid and am logged in.
    What gives ??????

  7. Owen Brown says:

    Hi Mate – still don’t know what causes the over printing I mention above – but – I have just printed out on a big grunt-do-anything computer & it printed out ok.


    • Stephen says:

      Hey Owen…I responded with a fix in your last message. If you continue having issues, email me directly and I will put you in contact with Tim on our team.

  8. Danny Maes says:

    Excellent exercise but your explanation is great too!
    Very useful for me and on the right moment.
    Thanks a lot, Stephen and keep up the good work !
    Greetings from Tienen, Belgium.
    Danny D.P.

  9. Preston Sumler says:

    I like this video I have been look for something that I could us to help me with my hand control not as much Spade I play more older Country black Merle Haggard so Spades ant a issue thanks for what u do thanks Preston Sumler

  10. George Blore says:

    This will be a great aid to my practice routine…
    Cheers mate!!

  11. John Fergerson says:

    I can’t seem to get my brain to accept doing the doubles/triples/etc. in tandem. It’s like my hands don’t want to be rude to each other and wait for the other to finish before starting. Any suggestions on getting over this mental block?

    • Stephen says:

      This actually takes quite a while to master. The interlacing of the hands. I have a whole lesson on that with exercises in the hand technique course for this specific reason. Slow it down. It usually tells me that the motions have not been learned well enough and the brain is struggling to do the new motions PLUS interlace the hands.

  12. George says:

    I get lots of great information from your youtube lessons. Really enjoy learning from you.
    Thank you…

  13. Ricardo André says:

    Thank you guy. This is amazing. I’ll learn a lot with that technique. You’re one of the most biggest drum player of all around the world. I’m very thankful. God bless you so much.

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