“I discovered Stephen’s Drum Shed on YouTube about a year into learning the drums and in the last 6 months my drumming has skyrocketed! Stephen’s lessons have helped me with counting and keeping time, hands and feet technique, fill ideas, and generally learning how to not suck at the drums. The motivation to strive to be better than average pushes me through everyday, post-“9-to-5” work fatigue, inspiring focused and productive practice sessions. Thanks for everything, Stephen. You rock!”
Ren Hutt • Arlington, Virginia
“Stephen’s free email lessons keep popping up with cool stuff on a regular basis, which makes them easily palatable and able to be integrated with stuff that I’m doing by myself and my F2F drum tutor. The downloadable boot camps helped heaps when I wanted to focus on something specific too. I could just download it and print out lesson filler for the next few weeks. He’s got a really communal and great attitude towards how people should be exposing themselves to drumming, to music, and how we shouldn’t doubt ourselves when epitomising drumming icons, or when criticising ourselves as players. Kudos on the great E-shed that just seems to keep on doing cool stuff for everyone who I’ve had contact with that is involved. Thanks Stephen.”
Seaton Mepham
“I have been watching lessons on stephensdrumshed.com as well as his lessons on You Tube ever since I saw his first You Tube lesson. His videos are just the right length where they are right to the point, but also make sure you don’t get left in the dust. Overall, his drum lessons are really fun to use, really helpful, and he is clearly a great drummer who has shared lots of helpful lessons on technique, grooves, etc. with me and many other drummers.”
Corey Camara
“If you want to learn the drums, Stephen is the guy you want to know. I’ve learned a ton from him…from basic fills and chops to stuff I didn’t ever think I’d be able to play, like some world rhythms and jazz. I’m no expert by any stretch, but I’m much better than I was a year ago! And the learning will continue. The site is super well organized. You pick the track you want to learn, and BAM! Everything you need from lessons to assessment criteria is right there. You can even submit it to him for feedback. What could be better?”
Tim Krakowski • Atlanta, Georgia
“A lot of the stuff I have learned from Stephen I now use in my playing. Even rhythms and styles I never thought I would learn, Stephen taught me in a fun and well explained way. I have become a better all around player and I thank Stephen for that.”
Tielman Dewaele • Belgium
“I am from Brooklyn N.Y. now living in Easton PA. I have been playing the drums since I was 8 years old until my early 30’s. Like most people I got married and started a family and after buying a home I gave up playing music. 20 years later and into my second marriage at the age of 56, I ran into one of my favorite drummers when I was working at the airport. Bobby Rondinelli, who played for Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath ect, ect. We started talking about drumming and I remember him saying to me, “John, if you love playing then just play for the enjoyment of it. Your never to old to do what makes you happy.” I told this to my wife Kim and she surprised me with a drum kit that summer. Searching the internet for drum lessons *God knows I was pretty rusty* I came upon dozens and dozens of drumming websites. One of these sites caught my attention very strongly because of the instructor and how he gave lessons. This website was Stephens Drum Shed. I liked how he was straight and to the point. “This is what I’m teaching and this is how you do it”. No nonsense and straight to the point. Since that first video instruction I have watched and listened to Stephen’s lessons, scraping off one layer at a time of rust from my drumming. He showed me how to do things I once knew how to do but had forgotten over the years. He got me back on track and playing things I had long forgotten how to do. I have subscribed to the lessons on You Tube, joined the email lessons, and purchased some of the downloadable lessons. I could go on and on about how much Stephen has helped me get back into playing the drums after 20 plus years. To keep it short I would like to say…Stephen, thank you for what you have done for my drumming ability. I am now playing in a band once again and was at the studio recording our music. It’s true what they say, You’re Never Too Old. From one drummer to another, student to teacher, thank you.”
John Voloshin • Easton, Pennsylvania
“There are lots of things I like about Stephen’s lessons, but the thing I love the most is his enthusiasm. Every singles lesson is great fun and easy to understand. So, besides learning loads of cool stuff, I always feel inspired to practice more. What more could you ask for?”
Steve White • Whitney, England
“My profession is a commercial helicopter pilot. My hobby is being a new drummer. I found that playing the drums is just as difficult as flying a helicopter. Each part of your body is doing something independent of the other. After interviewing several drum teachers I found one I really liked. I found Stephen’s Drum Shed (SDS) on the internet. SDS has a systematic color coded approach that breaks the content down by skill level allowing me to choose a specific student track. As a new drummer I found it very comforting to have access on my phone, laptop or PC, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to The Vault that contains over 350 video lessons. In addition, SDS is a user friendly site that offers me live lessons 5 times a week that later get added to The Vault. I can communicate and have interaction with Stephen via email, live chat, student forums and a student YouTube channel that allows me to upload videos of me drumming so Stephen can give me tips. He will definitely teach you what you need to know from beginner to advanced. I highly recommend his lessons. Stephen is an amazing teacher!”
Elias Rodriguez aka “Frogman” • San Diego, Caifornia
“Stephen’s lessons are really helpful as I gain lots of drum technique from them. Thank you for sharing with us. I really appreciate it.”
Kiki Harrison • Australia
“I’ve been watching the SDS lessons for months now, and I’m absolutely blown away with what I’ve learned from them. The 16th note triplet accent exercise is something I’ve been working on for the last couple weeks and it’s been helping so much. Thank you for coming up with such a cool exercises.”
Rob Karvellius Carvell
“I am a jazz drummer and the percussionist of wind ensemble. Sometimes I ignore the things I should be practicing. I watch Stephen’s lessons to help me remember a lot that I have forgotten to practice.”
Tse chung Kan • Hong Kong, China
“I enjoy watching drummers play and when someone explains what they are playing and shows you how to do it, well that is the best you could ask for. That’s what Stephen does.”
Richard Gutowski • Fort Gratiot, Michigan.
“Stephen gave me that motivation I needed with really helpful and fun lessons. Now I’ve got great exercises and all that it takes to push my drumming to the top!”
Patrick Bauch • Germany
“In the ’80’s there was no YouTube. If then was now…I COULDA BEN A CONTENDA!!!! At least now I can afford all the gear I want! Thanks for all you do to make it fun, and even after a very long hiatus I still FREAKIN’ LOVE THE DRUMS!”
Tarar • Baker City, Oregon
“Thanks for the motivation Stephen!”
João Amadi • Brazil
“Since discovering Stephen Taylor’s generous offerings, I have a much greater understanding of fills and feel much more comfortable playing them. My foot skills are noticeably improving and I’ve learned how to make the most of my practice time.”
John Slavonic • Nevada City, California
“Stephen’s Bass Drum Boot Camp helped me with power and endurance when I joined a rock group with members that are 10 to 15 years younger than me. I’m able to keep up. His books are very helpful that way, too.”
Kurt Risch
“As a busy professional, unfortunately outside the music industry, it is often difficult to keep up with my practicing and especially to keep it fresh, interesting and focused. Getting a weekly prompt delivered right to my inbox and backed up by lots of great content available online really makes a difference for me. And it’s a difference I can hear in my progress since I started using Stephen’s materials. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!”
David McCrea • Havertown, Pennsylvania
“Stephen’s lessons at StephensDrumShed.com have reignited my desire to play the drums after 45 years. The lessons are easy to follow, fun, and I have noticed significant improvement after each one. They make practice fun while teaching solid fundamentals.”
Doug Meyn
“Thanks to Stephen’s lessons I started to practice harder everyday and actually am preparing my first presentation.”
Jorge Pineda • Mexico City, Mexico
“Since joining Stephens drum shed I have been given a phenomenal insight into how to play many genres of music which I would of otherwise not been exposed to learning. With the time difference the ‘lesson vault’ has been one of the best features as I have been able to watch the lessons right the way through from the start with the Music which Stephen also sends out as a PDF. The You tube channel is also a spectacular idea as it allows me to be critiqued, and know what I have to do improved without to much hassle. It also allows other piers to see how everyone else is getting on and support them. This adds to the fantastic community Stephen has created.”
Mark Stark • West Scotland, Student/Waiter
“Stephen’s lessons have improved my overall drumming skills and creativity. His ability to turn simple patterns into great sounding grooves is what makes me come back for more lessons every week.”
Martin Andren • Sweden
“I have learned some cool fills and patterns, I even learned how to get rid of my nervousness at my gigs. Your videos are amazing Stephen!”
Viktor Lundberg • Piteå , Sweden
“Stephen’s drum lessons have cleared up many questions about how I play the drums physically, how I move, and which muscles I need. By paying more attention to the physical background of drumming I made huge progress in dexterity, speed and control. I like that Stephen covers these kinds of peripheral aspects of drumming in addition to actual lessons, because personal health is as important in drumming as it is in everything else we do. Stephen, thanks for being an awesome drum teacher and especially for producing content that’s not as basic and predictable as some of the other, especially the bigger, sites out there.”
Clemens Hildermeier • Germany
“I am coming back to serious practicing after years of casual on again/off again drumming. My instincts and musicality have remained fairly strong, but my technique and discipline have obviously weakened over the years. But, thanks to Stephen’s free lessons, his downloadable units, and the live online lessons for members on his website, I’ve rediscovered the joys and the surprises of drumming. My hands are coming back and I can say to people –without that slightly guilty feeling – that yes, I am and always will be, a drummer.”
Don Druker
“I like Stephen’s lessons because of the way he breaks a beat or fill down into manageable chunks. He takes the student through step by step, adding small pieces of the puzzle only after he has simplified it enough to progress to the next piece. Keep up the good work Stephen!”
Gary Evans • Tasmania, Australia
“I started drumming 3 years ago and found Stephen’s free lessons on You Tube. Then I bought “The Beginner’s Guide to Drums”, “The Ghost Note Workshop”, and “The Bass Drum Boot Camp”, along with other lessons. They are so helpful. The demonstrations have good camera angles showing exactly what to do with technique and posture. I appreciate all the organization and planning you’ve put into these excellent lessons.”
Deanna Valley • Oklahoma
“Stephen himself is the most approachable guy in the world…the means of delivery is excellent, the quality of the tuition is second to none, and Stephen is a great guy. I’ve recommended the shed to a lot of mates who play (at various stages of ability), and to you I would make the same recommendation…Sign up, you will be very glad you did!”
Gar O’ Brien • Dublin, Ireland Escalation Engineer (Uber computer nerd)
“I haven’t been able to take private one on one lesson’s for over a year now. It’s been great to have access to videos of a great drummer explaining different fills, grooves, techniques, and applications of rudiments around the kit. Not only do I find all that helpful, but Stephen’s advice is also quite encouraging for me. Thank you so much for what you do Stephen!”
Ethan Berumez • Richmond, Virginia
“Stephen’s lessons have filled me with confidence. I have learned fills, timing, patterns, and new styles. The lessons give me the ambition I need to play better in my band.”
Kevin Cahill • Chicago, Illinois
“Just a few weeks ago I stumbled onto the SDS web site. I am 68 years young and a beginner. I’m finding the lessons easy to understand and most helpful. I also see that Stephen has a sincere strive to help and teach other’s to learn the drums.”
Vincent Genella • Northern New Jersey
“I have 4 of Stephen’s downloadable lesson packs. I really like having something specific to work on and these are just that. I have been working on the weak hand boot camp series. This has improved my left hand greatly. The lessons are great!”
William Beatty • Liddieville, Louisiana
“From the first time I saw Stephen give a lesson online I was immediately impressed by his personable yet “get to the point” teaching style. Since then I’ve watched Stephen’s lessons via his YouTube channel, his email lessons, as well as lessons in the members area on StephensDrumShed.com. Everything I’ve learned from his lessons — from finger control, to linear grooves/fills, to how to chart a song (and a whole lot more by the way) — I’ve been able to apply to real life drumming & gigging. Bottom line, he knows his stuff and he knows how to teach it! Stephen, your lessons are awesome man.”
Chris Lockhart (aka c.lock) • Columbus, Georgia
“Signing up for the Live Lessons has added another level to my drumming capabilities. Stephen takes us through many different styles of music, and is extremely knowledgeable about the history, players, and fills that accompany each method. Having played mostly classic rock and 90′s myself, it is actually exciting to learn about, and play other rhythms from around the world (he rocks also). The lessons start out slowly, so that beginners feel comfortable playing along, and then Stephen adds more and more layers until an advanced level is reached. Stephen breaks everything into manageable pieces so as you are following along, you don’t realize that pretty soon you are playing well beyond what you thought was possible.”
Chris Chambers • Toronto, ON, Canada
“I must say that out of all the online tutorials that I have found on the internet, Stephen’s lessons have definitely helped me refine my playing in many ways. He is very approachable, funny, a fantastic drummer, and he takes the time to explain very clearly his ideas and concepts for the drum kit. The love for drumming that he exudes in his lessons is absolutely delightful. It is refreshing to see someone else have such a passion for drumming and wanting to share it. A million thanks for your website and insightfulness.”
Alain Poudrier • Ontario, Canada
I am currently a member of Stephen’s web site and have been for a few months now. I can tell you that the lessons I have been able to participate in, whether live or in The Vault, have proven to be extremely helpful to me. You see I am a 33 year (NOW RETIRED) Army Veteran. I have always been fascinated with and loved the drums. I have been an avid air drummer my whole life. Turns out that when I sat behind my first kit and turned the air drums into reality, I feel I actually had a knack for it. Bought my first drum set in November 2012. So even though I loved playing along to songs, I soon realized after stumbling on some lessons from Stephen that I had no real clue what I was doing. Sure I could play a simple beat, but did I actually know what I was playing? NO I DID NOT. Stephen and the lessons on SDS are a HUGE help, especially the way that he personally teaches and explains the lessons. I can honestly say that I have learned so much, from the basics on up. I still have such a long way to go, but thanks to Stephen, I actually truly know (most of the time) what it is I am actually playing and counting. THANKS BROTHER!!!
Army Jim • Champion, Ohio