Play Your First Song On The Drums

Play Your First Song On The Drums


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6 comments on “Play Your First Song On The Drums

  1. Robert Roche says:

    Excellent, EXCELLENT resource! Thank you SO much!
    Keep up the great teaching!!!

  2. Jason Taylor says:

    Perfect song to follow the money beat and fills video.

  3. Chris Shortlidge says:

    Beginner here, practicing but adding the left foot has been a struggle. Won’t stop until I get it. I’ve taken everything else out until I got the left foot working correctly. Now I am starting to add it back in one at a time.
    Q. How much practice is everyone doing daily. My goal is 1 hour but it is broken into 15 minute sessions to prevent any frustration. I am interested in knowing what is currently working for you guys, or Stephen? What would you recommend?

    • Stephen says:

      That’s a great amount of time. And nothing wrong with working a more split practice session schedule. As long as you are able to maintain focus, keep going. An hour is a great amount of time, especially if it’s just a hobby for you.

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