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These are the most popular lesson tracks for intermediate drummers in the DBD members area. You don’t need to work on all of these lesson tracks, they are just suggestions for a place to start.

The Basics of Groove Track

Groove is what being a drummer is all about. We’re responsible for the time…so our time had better be good. This lesson track will take you through a series of hi-hat and ride patterns. You will apply them to a set of grooves to work on your timing, feel, and coordination. If you can master the Basics of Groove series, you will be able to play 65-70% of popular music.


Hand Technique Track

Our technique is the literal foundation of our drumming. Most problems with singles, doubles, rolls, rudiments, etc. can be traced to a breakdown in your fundamental technique. This is the #1 area that you can improve in that will have the biggest impact on your overall drumming.


Hand & Foot Singles Track

All of drumming can be broken down to either singles or doubles. The same is true for the interaction between our hands and feet…it’s either singles, doubles, or unisons. This lesson track will help you with the coordination between your bass drum foot and hands. Once you’re done with this lesson track, you can move on the the Hand & Foot Doubles Track.


Mastering The Rudiments Track

Every language is composed of a common set of words. Drumming is no different. Learning the 40 essential rudiments will help you understand that language better. This series will walk you step by step through learning all 40 rudiments. Once you’re done, you can move on to the Applying Rudiments to the Drum Set Track.


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If you’re wanting a more personalized lesson plan, we’re happy to make that happen. Just follow the link above and follow the instructions on the DBD Goal Generator.

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