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These are the most popular lesson tracks for advanced drummers in the DBD members area. You don’t need to work on all of these lesson tracks, they are just suggestions for a place to start.

Constructing Advanced Grooves Track

This track is an in depth study of the process of constructing more advanced grooves. Each lesson will focus on a different advanced groove or pattern. I will go through my creative processes for coming up with the grooves, give you tips on how to set up your own creative assembly line processes, show you how to create variations on each pattern, and more. The focus will be on becoming comfortable functioning in these grooves. Expanded reading studies are also included.


Linear Chunking Track

This track is an in depth study of looking at linear patterns in a different way. By organizing various stickings into “chunks” you are able to organize and reorganize them into countless variations. Instead of learning a “lick” you will learn a method that you can use with any linear combination to help you find endless combos. The series will focus on 3 stickings…a 5 note, a 4 note, and a 3 note sticking. After you have learned the stickings you will begin to take them around the kit, pay attention to voicing’s, play them in different subdivisions, add accents, and add variations on the original sticking’s. This is a really fun track!


Applying Rudiments to the Drum Set Track

You’ve learned all your rudiments like a drummer should…now what?!?!?! This track is a study on how to begin to apply the rudiments to your drumset playing. Rudiments worked on in this lesson track include the paradiddle, double paradiddle, paradiddle-diddle, flam accent, 5 stroke roll, swiss army triplet, flam, and the flam tap.


Developing a Vocabulary in Jazz Track

This track focuses on building a vocabulary in jazz using methods that the late Alan Dawson taught. Alan was an innovator in the highest sense of the word. He came up with a number of ways to use Exercises 1-8 in the popular drum method book “Syncopation” to build a framework for comping and soloing. We use a reading example that I provide in all 8 lessons but feel free to pick up the book “Syncopation for the Modern Drummer” by Ted Reed and further your studies.


Quick Win: Charting a Song in One Listen Pt.1

Part 1 of 2 parts. If I’ve learned anything over my career as a drummer, it’s how to learn drum parts and songs super quick. It’s not a super power. Anyone can do it. You simply need a process. In part one of this 2 part series, I show you my process of making quickie charts for songs. Once you get the process down, you can literally chart a song in one or two listens. If you’re planning on playing out with other musicians (and you should) then this is a skill that could come in handy.


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