Vacation Lesson

Stephen Taylor on

Taking time off and a lesson in 30 seconds

I love my job. It’s literally a dream gig. I fully realize I am blessed much more than I deserve on so many levels. But even when your job is your dream, you need to get away from it. And that’s exactly what I’m doing this week. Sun, sand, waves, lots of food, family, food, sleep, laughter, food, and sunburns. We’ll also eat some great food. Our playing is the same way. Even though we may love practicing, love the struggle of learning new things and pushing ourselves…we still need to periodically take a moment to step away from the drums and just experience life. Now, if you’re already not spending enough time practicing and learning new things you may be better off spending your vacation time on the drums. Be honest with yourself. If we are truly dedicated to improving on the drums, we spend time daily pushing ourselves to the point of frustration. And that’s a good thing. It makes us grow. But take it from me, you need time to just experience and enjoy life. Don’t do like I did…I waited YEARS to realize this. Years of freaked out schedules, missed family time, frustrated and unproductive practice sessions. And then one day I realized that I needed a break. But there was that fear… That fear that if I took time off I would regress. Go backwards. That I would start to suck worse than a brand new vacuum cleaner. That’s a lie though. We live in a time where busier is viewed as better. But it’s not the truth all of the time. So do yourself a favor…assess where you are with your playing and then build in some down time. That can be as simple as an hour at a coffee shop, a date with someone special, or a full out vacation. You’ll find that once you come back you will be excited to practice, motivated to learn, and full of new ideas to try. Keeping with my attitude of no work all play this week, here’s a drum lesson…but it’s only 30 seconds long. A quick lesson on a fun fill that you’ll be able to start playing immediately. And I promise…I’ll think about you while I’m relaxing in the Florida sun, soaking in the hot tub, eating fresh seafood, water skiing, sleeping in until noon, swimming, kayaking………….

A 30 Second Drum Lesson Because I’m on Vacation Like a Boss

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