Trash Cans

Stephen Taylor on

organized chaos

If you’re anything like me, trash can endings leave you feeling a bit uneasy. But about what?! They’re literally an unorganized time at the end of the song where you simply freak out and then end it. I think that’s exactly what made me uneasy about them though. The whole unorganized part. So, I sat down years ago and came up with a method to organize what seemed like utter chaos at the end of the song. I’ve found that anytime I get to feeling antsy about something in my playing, the best thing to do is slow down and come up with an organized method to work through the problem. Check out the video lesson below, download the sheet music of the patterns that I use, and then try the method yourself.

Trash Can Endings

Remember, organize the trash can ending by: 1. Using 1 familiar pattern 2. Learn to use that pattern in many different ways around the kit 3. Add a second pattern 4. Then a third, fourth, etc. Before you know it, you won’t be thinking about (or dreading) those trash can endings anymore. Now…GO PRACTICE!!! -Stephen T.

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