Top 3 Neil Peart Drum Beats

Top 3 Neil Peart Drum Beats Every Drummer Should Know


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6 comments on “Top 3 Neil Peart Drum Beats

  1. Daniel Alcutt says:

    Thank you, Stephen,

    You’re efforts here are well appreciated. The Bonham Series, this Series and others and also those to come are incredibly clear. And, written out. Nice. Thank you. I have taken a close look at your work, lately, and I am choosy with who I decide to let teach me.

    I have been a drummer, mostly rudimental for over 55 yrs. Played in Championship Drum Corps and always maintained a high interest in set playing. Rudiments allow me to be able to execute the harder rhythms and beats, shortcutting rudimentally.

    Presently, I am drumming for Madcap Daze out of Salem, OR..

    Thanks, I look forward to more of this!

  2. Elizabeth Co says:

    Thanks a lot, Stephen,

    It helps me a lot, as a self thought drummer. I enjoyed drumming but i need to learn more technique or practice.

    Looking forward for more. Thank you and more power.

  3. Mark says:

    Thanks for this. I have been trying to figure out that Subdivisions pattern for a long time. It is easier than it sounds. Mark

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