Top 3 John Bonham Drum Intros

Top 3 John Bonham Drum Intros Every Drummer Should Know


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8 comments on “Top 3 John Bonham Drum Intros

  1. Asing says:

    Pliz put up some intro drum fill for contemporary church worship..

  2. Christian Doran says:

    Most accurate lesson on the rock and roll intro I’ve seen, always was a bit loose on the last bar, not anymore! Cheers dude

  3. mac sing says:

    hi steven
    i was a drummer in a college rock band …..way then …..when immigrant song …would light up 2 green strobes on the stereo speakers …….way back in INDIA
    am really proud and elated at the painstaking effort you have in you make on your videos …..and i also read comments from some ungrateful commenters
    please ignore them and keep up the great stuff you do …..and that too for nothing
    stay blessed
    PS: seminoles….other terms …..omdg ….was 50 years ago ….and we were made to practice the drum beats ( natuonal cadet corps …..on cement concrete ….before we even qualified to get onto a snare :))

  4. Alfredo Souza says:

    I really like your way of teaching, very clean and solid base.

    All parts isolated first and after all together, all slow first and after all in the right bpm…

    And also with feeling, THAT IS GREAT!!

    Thank you so much for share your experience with all of us!!

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