Top 3 John Bonham Drum Fills

Top 3 John Bonham Drum Fills Every Drummer Should Know


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8 comments on “Top 3 John Bonham Drum Fills

  1. Doktor Holl says:

    thank you for your work! your video teaching “Rockn roll” is awesome!

  2. Gary Teal Jr. says:

    Love Dyer Maker Intro….Good times Bad Times, Intro thru 1st Verse, Kashmire Bridge….


  3. teressa says:

    Hi Stephen thanks again for another great lesson. Am from the generation of Bonham and he was the fav drummer of one of my dear drum friends who is no longer with us. Just brought back a lot of memories so thanks for the trip down memory lane. Also enjoyed the family reaction on nailing a drum fill. All the best, stay safe masks, gloves and distancing work Im in Canada and it has made a huge difference.

  4. Chris Bellamy says:

    thanks stephen ,watch youre youtube presentations alot. i like the casual format.

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