Top 3 Danny Carey Drum Beats


Top 3 Danny Carey Drum Beats Every Drummer Should Know


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21 comments on “Top 3 Danny Carey Drum Beats

  1. Jeremy Smith says:

    Have you checked out Austin Burcham’s breakdown of some of DC’s groove in his live performance of Pneuma? Worth taking a look see
    But, always good to get these tasteful jambites from you

  2. Sean Baker says:

    Thanks for the lesson✔✔?

    • Terry Stowers says:

      I’m with you. I’ve seen footage and heard Tool on CD, and I don’t get into it. They’re incredible, no question about it. I appreciate that they’re unique, like Primus is unique. There’s no mistaking them. I’m a groove, feel kinda guy. I don’t care for math rock, like Dream Theater, if that’s a fair example. Danny Carey is a monster player, and definitely worthy of the praise he receives.

  3. Brian Whitaker says:

    Eulogy was interesting and fun to listen to and play.
    The other two are in the category of those skills (as in a number of other instruments) that are so complicated they only impress other very accomplished drummers – but are not fun to listen to – sometimes to the point of being unpleasant and grating.


  4. Jp says:

    Killer lesson dude. Thanks for the time it took to get it . . . many thanks.

  5. Erwin says:

    Thank you Stephen for that. I learned the Schism beat years ago, but it may also be the easier of the three. Danny Carey, the master of polyrhythms. As Tool voice Maynard Keenan says, “Metal for thinking men.” With DC you can really say that. Or “Metal from a thinking man.

  6. Craig says:

    DC is one of my favourite drummers and you nailed it. Top playing and thanks for the lesson. I’m sure the wife will be happy to listen to me practicing these beats too!??

  7. Gaby says:

    Thank you man for taking the time a make this lesson, Danny its a great drummer. I will make my best to learn this beats.

  8. Antti says:

    Hey, I noticed you’re using a modern vintage head on the snare – which version is that and how are you finding it?

  9. Will Speer says:

    Please tell me how you got your snare to sound like it does. And thanks for the lessons.

    • Hey Will! Great question. The top snare head is a “modern vintage” by Aquarian. The bottom is (I believe) Aquarian’s ‘classic snare side’ head. The bottom head is cranked tight, the top head is also tuned “up” but not cranked. After that, it is just how you hit it and how you mix it.

  10. Norval says:

    This is awesome Stephen!
    Tool is 100% of the reason I am learning the drums.
    I spent a week in January transcribing JUST the time changes in “Schism” into a sequencer. When it came time to input the actual beats, I decided it would probably be quicker and a whole lot more useful to actually learn how to play the drums.
    Another big reason to learn was to rehab from a devastating spinal injury… and stave off dementia (I’m 62)… and these demanding polymeters with both hands and feet going hammer and tongs are PERFECT!
    Should keep me busy for the next 30 years :) By which time I might be up to half speed…
    Thanks for a great lesson and thanks to the team at SDS for a truly great and inclusive learning experience.

    • Hey Norv! Yes – transcribing, drumming, learning – all great ways to keep the mind sharp. Glad you are digging the Danny Carey stuff. I haven’t ever done a deep dive into his drumming so it was fun to transcribe this stuff for Stephen to teach during the lesson.

  11. Francis says:

    Thanks for sending this out, and for making it easy even for a beginner to understand polyrhythms, and within the grasp of being able to play it successfully!
    SDS rocks!

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