The Drum Show Podcast

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The Drum Show: Ep. 19

Today’s topics: Drum Practice Guilt & Dealing With Musicians With Poor Timing


The Drum Show: Ep. 18

Today’s topics: How to find a drum set on a budget with Tama’s John Palmer


The Drum Show: Ep. 17

Today’s topics: How to learn 64 songs in 2 days and what’s up with daily drumming brain farts?


The Drum Show: Ep. 16

Today’s topics: Making Practice Fun and How to Become the Ultimate Weekend Warrior


The Drum Show: Ep. 15

Today’s topics: Getting Twice as Much Done in Half the Time & How the Brain Works with Marc Dicciani


The Drum Show: Ep. 14

Today’s topics: “Making It”, Networking, and Exercises for Drummers


The Drum Show: Ep. 13

Today’s topics: Dealing with depression, drumming, and your practice time


The Drum Show: Ep. 12

Today’s topics: How to study your favorite drummers, is drum history important, and more with Bart from the Drum History Podcast


The Drum Show: Ep. 11

Today’s topics: One Sticking = 1,000,000 options, How To Make Quickie Charts, and Goal Setting


The Drum Show: Ep. 10

Today’s topics: 5 Most Asked Cymbal Questions Answered by Master Cymbal Maker Paul Francis from Zildjian.


The Drum Show: Ep. 9

Today’s topics: Teaching Kids and Getting to the “Next Level”.


The Drum Show: Ep. 8

Today’s topics: What if Your Bass Player Isn’t Locking In and Improving Your Weak Hand.


The Drum Show: Ep. 7

Today’s topics: Drumming in an Apartment and What are Practice Assembly Lines?


The Drum Show: Ep. 6

Today’s topics: Fixing Creativity Blocks and Tips for Handling Bad Drumming Days.


The Drum Show: Ep. 5

Today’s topics: Practice, the Brain, Organization, and Drumming with Cerebral Palsy.


The Drum Show: Ep. 4

Today’s topics: How to Know What to Practice and Drumming Late in Life.


The Drum Show: Ep. 3

Today’s topics: Advice for playing solos, time management & tips on practice.


The Drum Show: Ep. 2

Today’s topics: How to balance marriage and drumming, nailing auditions, and feeling inadequate.


The Drum Show: Ep. 1

Today’s topics: Avoiding tension while playing, how to fix tempo issues with a band, how to increase revenue for drum teachers, and staying motivated during a practice session.