The Clash Drum Lesson

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The Clash: 5 Hit Songs In One Lesson

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11 comments on “The Clash Drum Lesson

  1. Glazz says:

    The only lesson that matters!
    (BTW London Calling’s front cover features a photograph of bassist Paul Simonon)

  2. Jamie Irvine says:

    Thanks for this Stephen. Topper Headon is on of my favourite drummers. I have pulled his drums apart a thousand times in the car listening to these guys. Five of the best here. You mentioned Guns of Brixton yes yes.Just crazy. Topper tells a story in the Joe Strummer doco The Future is Unwritten about recording Rock the Casbah- he arrived early, laid down the drums and then the band still weren’t there so he did the piano piece as well. All done when the band arrived. Legend. As far as albums go, if people want a really good intro The Story of The Clash has a bout 40 songs on it across all their music. ADD indeed.

  3. Very clear and straightforward. You’ve pointed out all the key elements. Well suited also for the begginer/intermediate students. A nice lesson in drum/music history too.
    Btw. I used to play the two handed London Calling triplet groove starting with the left on the HH and thus playing the snare backbeat with the right.
    I would say grooves 4-5 influenced a lot Larry Mullen, Jr. on the Boy Album and all the later ones.

    Photo LC Front Cover:

    • Stephen says:

      This is actually the second lesson in an 8 part in depth series I did for my online students on the history of punk rock. Each lesson would cover a bit of history and then a TON of songs. I honestly couldn’t get to all of the sub-genres that spawned from punk. It was a really fun series to teach…especially since I’m a punk rock kid at heart ;^)

  4. Paul says:

    My personnel favourite is (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais.
    I love the different style that the clash used in there music and I believe the reggae beats came when holidayed and then recorded in Jamaica.
    Such a shame that Toppers career was cut short by drugs, a lot of people believe he would have been considered one of the all time great drummers if he had continued, luckily he has now kicked the habit and got his life back together, I believe he gigs and teaches. Oh and I also believe he wrote Rock the Casbah.

  5. Darren says:

    Hey Stephen Great lesson Thank you.
    Ive been searching for about 3 years to find out how to play that drum fill in ‘Should I stay or Should I go’
    At last a definitive answer thank you man!!
    By the way favourite Clash song..’White man in Hammersmith Palais’ Remember buying it in 1982 on 45.(Still have it)
    Keep up the lessons you are an inspiration to a 52 year old who started playing drums at 47.