Module 2 – Introduction

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  1. Teijo says:

    I’m looking forward to start the module 2. Have a nice week everyone! Cheers

    • Paul Lagaaij says:

      Hi Fiblu ( & others ), been working on Better Doubles in 30 Days as a start of having more organized practice sessions and man it brings peace and quiet to my brain. Yes, also looking forward to Module 2, especially where Stephen is gonna talk about ” Learning to love Your Own Playing “. Cheers, Paul a.k.a. Pingo on Drumeo Edge.

      • Teijo says:

        Hey Paul, nice to see you here. How are you? I looked it yesterday and it is one of the best videos so far. Glad to hear that a drummer with a long experience as you do, still learns “new tricks”. And above all, be able to still be interested in learning. Gives motivation to us, less experienced drummers.

        I am also got a new power for my practicing and all of the training methods have been replaced by new, just as the purpose of this teaching. Cheers, Teijo

      • Michelle says:

        I thought it was you. :)

  2. Paul Gavin says:

    I went to Staples and got a small calendar dry-erase board, with colored magnets for marking day. I’ve been scheduling the weeks practice and been putting cold colored magnets on days where I’m on time and successful and hot colored on the ones I haven’t. There haven’t been any of those yet.

    Just the results from consistent scheduling is worth the price of admission, thank you Stephen.

    • Stephen says:

      I love this man. That’s the start of it. Once you develop this into a habit, find your practice killers, eliminate them…man, it will benefit you for YEARS. I’m living proof of that. Killin’ it!

  3. Patrick says:

    I’ve got my practise log, schedule and goals set out for a week now, really seeing big progress and fulfilment already and it has also crossed to my life in general. This course is everything I wanted and more, Thanks Stephen!!!

  4. Lukas says:

    Hey, I can’t find any other documents than the calendar and the log. Is it because there is no other files, or am I overseeing it?

    • Stephen says:

      On the introduction page of module 1 there is a transcript download button beside those buttons. It contains written transcript of all module 1 vids and also has the goal generator in it. All transcripts for this module are at the top of this page under the video.

  5. Last weeks module on focus really hit home. I’ve been putting in the hours, with some focus, but realised that maintaining focus is exhausting and if unchecked my mind will go away from the task and I am oblivious as to whether or not I’m doing it correctly.

    One thing I’ve been doing is for each exercise having a pen and paper, and whenever I drift off for more than 5 seconds I will write down the current elapsed time for this exercise.

    Not only does this give me data to look back on when I change anything (e.g introducing/changing the duration of breaks) but also trains my awareness of where my focus is. After a few days this has done wonders for catching myself out.

    • Stephen says:

      Such a great method! You can track how long you were able to focus as well as where your focus left and maybe what caused it. Funny how a little data will completely change things. Great job James!

  6. Okay, because of so much going on during the holidays, I have not gotten a schedule down on paper yet. I HAVE however, been slowly going through each video in Module 1 and typing notes/highlights in my MS Word program. Now, I finally made it to Module 2! Yay! This weekend we bring my only son to college in AZ which makes me sad –awe:(, but will free up some scheduling time. Yay!

  7. John says:

    Wow! Is all I have to say…. Some deep penetration of the mind, well thought out and explained processes going on in module 1. My approach to practice has totally changed, and I’m seeing the positives especially through the correlation of family time and deliberate practice time. In addition, the numerous non drumming book references you mention I’m familiar with, appreciated, understand, and totally blown away how you connected the dots between drumming, psychology and the alike.

    I’m excited to dive into the next modules! Thanks!!

  8. Martin says:

    Today was my first scheduled day of pratice ever. Took more than 40 minutes (in fact 70, but I was counting on that). Felt realy good though I could not include “30 days…” cause Im still working on it.
    Put my timer and jumped directly into warm up. Focus wasnt always laser-like but knowing what came next really helps to engage.
    Seems that pre-practice ritual is completely necessary.

    • Stephen says:

      Alright! Baby steps…glad you’ve followed through. Keep it up a month and it’ll be a habit. You’ll miss it when you don’t show up. The body and mind are amazing things.

  9. My practice time is 6-8 pm 7 seven days a week. I have it scheduled on my phone with alerts to remind me. Sometimes I’ll miss a practice day due to other evening commitments but I try not to. Also when I approach “burnout” in my practice I’ll sometimes take a break and watch a SDS video. Inspirational and relaxing.

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