Josh Feldstein

“I’m the drummer for the Verve Jazz Ensemble ( As a busy jazz drummer with an active recording career, I’m always looking for great new ideas for chop building, interesting fills and licks, and great new grooves. I dig Stephen’s insightful, wide open and high energy passion for drumming, and his approach to online studies […]

Ren Hutt

“I discovered Stephen’s Drum Shed on YouTube about a year into learning the drums and in the last 6 months my drumming has skyrocketed! Stephen’s lessons have helped me with counting and keeping time, hands and feet technique, fill ideas, and generally learning how to not suck at the drums. The motivation to strive to […]

Seaton Mepham

“Stephen’s free email lessons keep popping up with cool stuff on a regular basis, which makes them easily palatable and able to be integrated with stuff that I’m doing by myself and my F2F drum tutor. The downloadable boot camps helped heaps when I wanted to focus on something specific too. I could just download […]

Christo Young

“I have been pretty lucky…as a music major in college, drums and percussion were my minor instrument. I have had the opportunity to study with some pretty cool and well known drummers. In the time I have been a member of The Shed (about a year), I can honestly say that I’ve learned more memorable, […]

Corey Camara

“I have been watching lessons on as well as his lessons on You Tube ever since I saw his first You Tube lesson. His videos are just the right length where they are right to the point, but also make sure you don’t get left in the dust. Overall, his drum lessons are really […]