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Each track is 8 weeks long. Every week includes a 30-60 minute lesson with sheet music & lesson resources.


Goal oriented system

While each track is on a different topic, you work through the same goal oriented & organized system for each track.


Done for you lesson resources

Beautifully designed white papers for each week that help you set goals, track progress, & test yourself.

Private student Facebook group

Get access to the private Facebook group run by the students. Get encouragement & talk drums with the other students.

Weekly emails

Every week you will receive an email that will offer motivation, additional lessons, practice resources, and more.

Live weekly lessons

Tune in 4 times a week for a live lesson with Stephen. Ask questions, get answers, and hang with the other students all in real time.


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Drum Better Daily Endorsements

Sean Suleman

Bristol, UK

“Stephen’s lessons have helped me to be my best on big stages around the world. I was taken in by his enthusiasm & fun way of teaching with added humor. I practice with his lessons while on tour & it keeps me focused.”

Chris Howard

London, UK

"Stephens Drum Shed has been a great way to structure my practice & also learn at a time that suits me, even if that's 1am! I really appreciate the testing criteria, which gives me targets to work on for each lesson."

Annallese Bronz

Long Island, NY, USA

“I’ve been bouncing around for a while, searching for the right drum teacher for lessons. When all hope was lost, I found Stephen’s lessons...And wow, what a difference in my playing ever since I signed up.”

What Should I Expect?

Below is a short excerpt from a live lesson & a few pieces of downloadable sample curriculum from the lesson.

Zildjian Cymbals Vic Firth Drumsticks Aquarian Drumheads Drumtacs

Lesson Track Curriculum Overview

Every lesson track has 8 lessons and lasts 8 weeks. Work on as many, or as few, at a time as you want.

Lesson 1



The first lesson is entitled START and is an introduction to the topic. In addition to working through the lesson and filling out your daily practice log sheet, you will also fill out a Goal Worksheet in week 1 that will help you set some goals.

Lesson 2



This week of the plan provides you with a new lesson and a downloadable Practice Planning Worksheet. This will help you plan out regular practice times during the week and troubleshoot any problems that may come up.

Lesson 3



Remember those goals you set in Lesson 1? In week 3 you will be referring back to them. You will work through an assessment worksheet that will remind you what goals you set, help you look at your progress so far, make sure you are on target to hit them, and help you brainstorm solutions for getting back on track if you are behind where you want to be.

Lesson 4



By the 4th week you will have covered a lot of information. That's a good thing, but it can cause a problem with how you need to structure your practice time to most effectively cover everything that you are learning. In week 4 you will work through a new lesson and you will be provided with a Review & Renew Worksheet to help you plan out your practice time.

Lesson 5



Learning to play new material is useless if you don't also learn how to apply it. This week focuses on taking the material you have learned and applying it. The Apply Worksheet will help you think through what you have learned and come up with practical ways to apply those things to your drumming.

Lesson 6



Time to look at those goals again! You set them in Lesson 1, assessed your progress in Lesson 3, and now you will REASSESS your progress. Lesson 6 has a Reassessment Worksheet ready for you to fill out. It will make you look at your goals, see your progress, and troubleshoot anything that may be getting in the way of you hitting those goals. Not seeing consistent progress is the #1 ingredient to burnout.

Lesson 7



You're almost at the end of your 8 week track. You have covered a ton of material. You have a little left to learn. But you have to balance working on old versus new material. The Reflect Worksheet in week 7 will help you see exactly how much time you should be spending on the old material and exactly how much time to spend on the new.

Lesson 8



YES!!! This is the lesson where you finish what you started. It will be your final lesson in whatever track you are working on. Using the Finish! Worksheet provided in Lesson 8 will help you look at all of the progress you have made over the past 8 weeks, review all of the goals you hit, think about how the material has changed your playing in a positive way, and look forward to what track you will be working through next.

Every Membership Includes

Student reviews, live practice breakout sessions, & Live Q&A times

Student Reviews

Submit your videos and recordings every week for review. Stephen does weekly live student reviews to give you the feedback you need on your progress.

Practice Breakout Sessions

Ever have questions about how to apply new material to your practice time? The practice breakout sessions will make you feel like you have your own personal practice coach.

Lesson Resources

Tests, checklists, questionnaires, practice log sheets, reading studies, calendars, and more. We provide the tools for you to KILL your goals.

Live Q&A Time

You have a chance to ask your questions in real time in the live lessons & student reviews. All questions get question about it.

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Have More Questions?

Do I get access to all of the lessons and lesson tracks or only the ones I choose to work on?

All members get access to all lessons and lesson resources. You can work on as many or as few tracks at a time as you want. Or, feel free to pick and choose the individual lessons you want to work on.

Is Drum Better Daily a one time fee or recurring?

Drum Better Daily is billed on an automatic recurring basis according to the level that you signed up on (monthly, quarterly, 6 month, or yearly). If you take advantage of the $1 seven day trial, you will be charged $1 immediately. Once the seven day trial is up you will be immediately charged according to the membership level you chose. All transactions are final once they have been processed.

Is there any long term commitment?

No, you can cancel anytime you like. To do so, simply email or call the studio at 615.818.4222.

If I cancel can I still access my content?

While your membership is active you can access any of the membership content and print off any resources. If you cancel your membership, you will not be able to access any Drum Better Daily resources

Do you offer a trial?

Absolutely. We don’t want you to be a member of something you feel won’t help you. That’s why we offer a 7 day $1 trial. You will be charged $1 upon signup. You can cancel at anytime within that 7 day period to avoid any additional charges. If you do not cancel within that 7 day period, a transaction will be processed for your full membership according to the level that you signed up. All transactions are final.

Is my billing and credit card information safe?

100%. Drum Better Daily is built on a fully encrypted platform complete with SSL certificates.

If I start a track, can I quit and go to another anytime I want?

You bet!

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