TAOP Course Sneak Peak: Feedback Loops

Registration for The Art of Practice ends at midnight on Thursday April 6th!



Course Sneak Peek: Feedback Loops

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9 comments on “TAOP Course Sneak Peak: Feedback Loops

  1. Randy Artman says:

    Hey Stephen, I am an aspiring “drummer” and I love what I’ve seen! I really needed this wake up call. For years I feel like I’ve been just sitting down and playing with no stratigy. I am so thrilled about just what you’ve given me but I still want MORE! Unfortunatly, I won’t be able to afford the course because I happen to be almost flat broke this week.. The bit that I’ve gotten has absolutely helped though.


  2. Ruddy Bich (aka Chris G.) says:

    Bad news Stephen you still look too young to join ZZ Top, but good news for us, as hopefully we will continue to get your hard earned wisdon & genuine advice.

  3. Hey Stephen, thanks for sharing this module for free. I’m working on the first practical jazz comping lesson which is a stretch for my reading which isn’t one of my strong points. I’ve been taking a few problem bars out and running it as a separate exercise, so this lesson is great for me. I feel like I’m doing the right thing; closing loops. Tell me if I’m wrong! Cheers Rick

    • Stephen says:

      Sounds like you’re doing it exactly as it should be done!

    • Good to know I’m on the right track; I found it daunting to learn a 32 bar phrase but knowing I’m on the right track is a real boost. Thanks Stephen. Signed up for the course now; looking forward to transforming my practice! After some guilt free Easter holidays with my family! ????

  4. D Brown says:

    Good lecture on systems analysis. Intellectualized at MBA level, though.

  5. Damon Gray says:

    Thanks for the preview. I took away some pointers that I will try to implement immediately. I’m on board for the course and anxiously await your lecture on Chaos Theory.

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