SDS Live Chats

Next Live Call:

Live Q&A with Special Guest Steve Goold at 11/18 Wed. 3PM CST

How to Join the Next Live Student Hang:

Watch the video for a full walk-through of how to join live chats and Zoom’s features.

Instructions for how to join the live chat:

1. Visit this page at the time of the next Live Chat (listed above)

2. Click the “Join the Next Zoom Chat”

3. Allow Zoom to launch the application (or click the “download & run Zoom” link on the page if the application doesn’t launch automatically)

4. Enter the password when prompted.

5. If you arrive before the meeting, you will either see the hold screen (watch video to see), or you will see a “waiting room”. You can leave the app open until the meeting starts.

This week’s password: bonham5