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If you latch on to this concept, it will change your playing forever…

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44 comments on “STOP IT!!!

  1. George says:

    you are so correct!

  2. jeff holmes says:

    I recently stopped watching so many different drum videos as It overwhelmed me ,I’ve been working on
    only 3 specific things in the last few months and it has helped me tremendously.

  3. Christian Canalita says:

    With so much drumming on social media, it’s so easy to stray from your practice path.

  4. Larry Alvarez says:

    Very well stated!!

  5. Phil says:

    Good point. Well stated. And there are so many “instructional” videos on YouTube, I think it’s just as important to stick with one. This one for me.

  6. Bob says:

    Glad to hear you address this issue. As a percussion instructor, my students are always complaining: Do we have to do this again? Many fail to realize that continued, sustained practice of a concept, beat, lick etc. is the only way to get better. Practice & focus, practice & focus, practice & focus.

    Bobby V

    • Stephen says:

      Oh man…they would hate lessons with me lol…I will keep a student on a topic for longer than they’ve ever dreamed. And the results they see after pushing through are phenomenal. There’s a power to sticking.

  7. Martin says:

    That’s exactly what is happening to with a certain bass drum groove. The frustration it makes me feel is ridiculous. But I won’t let go.

  8. Rob says:

    Thank you!!! You just described my life!!!

  9. David "Downbeat" Brown says:

    It might help to point out that the things one can learn about drums,drumming (& music) are INFINITE. No single lifetime can encounter, much less master, everything about drumming.

    Also, so much is intertwined. You never know what you will learn while pursuing something. E.g. I vastly improved my fluidity and definition of single stroke accents and ghosts while teaching myself cascara and mozambique. My expression and technique benefited for other kinds of music I play. I have been at this for seven decades. There is so much more out there. It is never over. It is always rewarding.

    Soooooooooooooo, as you say, find your needs and desires and pursue them.

  10. Steve Douglas says:

    Hit the nail on the head…I am guilty of the same thing. In addition, I find that when I work on a new ‘ anything’, if there is a piece of music I can practice to it to, it helps a lot and provides additional focus.

  11. Brian Thomson says:

    Looking back on the past five years of “practising” so many different aspects of drumming I have just arrived to the conclusion that I haven’t mastered anything. I have taken so many exits along the way I am now totally lost. Thanks for this short video Stephen, it has struck a chord with me and has made me recallibrate my goals for this year.

  12. Art boyd says:

    Thanks, i needed that.

    • Art boyd says:

      I took a 37 year hiatus frum drums. Four months After picking up the stix again i fell at work. Multiple surgeries has kept me at the ultra begginer level. Your message reinforces the fact that this is where i will be until i break out of it , however frustrating. Thanks.

    • Art boyd says:

      I took a 37 year hiatus frum drums. Four months After picking up the stix again i fell at work. Multiple surgeries has kept me at the ultra begginer level. Your message reinforces the fact that this is where i will be until i break out of it , however frustrating. Thanks.

  13. John Mase says:

    This video has made me decide to buy your books and DBD membership.
    I had contemplated joining another well known online drumming community from “up north”, but in review, they’re lessons seem very random unless you’re buying their training packs.
    Your emphasis on focus is very much what I needed to hear.
    Thanks Steven

  14. Robert Lilly says:

    Yesterday I went to my weekly lesson, walked in he was playing “I’m so HAPPY” this is why I chose this Dude our music tastes are different!! I chimed in and started playing he stopped me and said, play it in 8th notes.. now go back to 16th notes one hand now 16th notes two hands for some reason I couldn’t accomplish it, I completely locked up. we’ve been shuffling for last couple weeks…. Woke up this morning and wanted to quit! But Quiting is not in my blood. I truly felt he wanted to give up on me IDK. He could’ve been having a bad day. Total frustration!!

  15. José says:

    A teacher (or a school) with a good program is an option for your advice.

  16. Tim says:

    Stephen…you nailed it….problem numero uno for me and others i know. …

  17. Don Stixz says:

    Great Advice.

  18. Ante Burazer says:

    I think that main problem is opportunity to get almost every book about every aspects of drumming, instead playing with people and expresing yourself. Another problem is competition and insecurity in yourself, so many young player seeing Weckl, Colaiuta and other players like point where they should be, and constantly seeking for validation. That leads to constantly practice routine 120, 150, 479 BPM, without creativity, lack of selfc onffidence, lack of creativty…… bla…

  19. Bob says:

    Hi Stephen here one for you

    Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.
    Zig Ziglar
    All my best Bob

  20. dave andrist says:

    good advice…thanks

  21. dave andrist says:

    sounds like good advice

  22. Fejj says:

    That is me! I started drumming two years ago at age 52. Major quick progress, then all those shiny distractions came in. I feel like no progress in last nine months.

  23. George Fraga says:

    Dam you! Have you been monitoring and watching me lately? You just described me. STOP IT!

  24. Preach it Rev. Stephen! :>)

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