Beginner Linear Drum Beat

Beginner Linear Drum Beat


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  1. Robert Bowden says:

    Great lesson but I’m so weak with the left but i keep practicing to try and make it stronger .. there are so many great drummers out there my favorite is a guy who plays in a local band mixes it up so well

  2. Constantijn Prijs says:

    Jeff Porcaro & Jim Gordon are my al time favorites

    And thank you for this lesson, linear patterns are still a thing I struggle with right up to this day

  3. Alex says:

    Of course the BIG Idea behind you lesson is to “plant-a-(linear)-seed” in the minds of the students – well, consider it well-and-truly *planted*.
    My favourite Drummers were/are Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater). Bill wasn’t the “tightest” of drummers, but I liked how his musicality supported the guitar+bass melodies; I thought that Mike tended to “overplay” within the DT songs, but then he *was* playing Progressive Music ! – And I *loved* the (studio) sound that Mike achieved on the records.

  4. Ron says:

    My favorites: Papa Jo Jones; Jeff Hamilton; Max Roach, a somewhat eclectic group. I appropriate the clarity of your explanations. I “hear” the grooves, but you have a way of breaking them down so that they’re much easier to execute than my ears seem to be suggesting they are.

  5. kelly says:

    Great lesson. As always my favorite drummer eric singer of kiss.

  6. Tom Molotky says:

    Thank you Stephen for your breakdowns of various beats and stickings. I wish I would have discovered you much earlier, as I have only been on board for two weeks. You are a great instructor. My favorite right now is Dave Weckl. So complex, so busy, so good. Sad we lost Porcoro so early. Also a favorite.

  7. Othmar Warnke says:

    Hi Stephen,
    I found you on youtube and I must say, your are an exelent drum teacher and I love your . watch daily some of your vids. I am 64 and I love modern druming.
    There are so many perfect drummer on this planet. my hero is Mat Garska from AaL, Luke Holland, Mat Halpern, Arnup Sastry, Thomas Lang (perfect in technik but no soul), Cris Coleman, Mike Mangini, Meytal Cohen, Anika Nilles, Danny Carry, Benny Greb, Jost Nickel and so many other.
    I am happy to have found you on the net.

  8. Paul says:

    What the hell is that first fill? Could you break that down or point me to some existing material that may explain it? So cool! ;)

  9. Paul says:

    BTW love Chad Wackerman, Marco Minnemann, Nick Divirgilio, Terry Bozzio.. ;)

  10. Rafael Menezes says:

    It’s very very difficult to me choose just one! I love Elvin Jones, Philly Joe Jones, Papa Jo Jones, Billy Higgins, Roy Haynes, Greg Hutchinson, Lewis Nash, Jeff Hamilton, Antonio Sanchez, Brian Blade, Jeff Tain Watts… as well as Edison Machado, Duduka Da Fonseca, Rafael Barata, Marcio Bahia and Edu Ribeiro (all of them are from Brazil). But my favorite nowadays is the great Bill Stewart!

  11. Denise says:

    Thank you for demystifying linear drumming! Another fun lesson and groove, I love the way you keep everything so simple. As for my favourite drummer…you of course! Gotta go, I’m in the process of downloading your “kitchen sink” package :) Thank you again, keep up the awesome work.

  12. Guillermo says:

    My favorite drummer is Benny greb and you !!! Thanks for all the lessons because that helped me become a better drummer:)!!!

  13. Geoff says:

    nice groove. fave drummers Tom Brechtlein, Johnny Vidacovich and Billy Thomas

  14. Greg says:

    Cool groove beat! Hat fills always add so much more. Have to say Weckle first Colaiuta second. Tough decision though,cause their both so great!

  15. John says:

    Another usefull groove that can be used in many applications. Great lesson…Thankyou. Fav drummer has got to be Thomas Lang. A down to earth guy with a sense of humour and an incredible talent.

  16. Michael Muchler says:

    Still working on the weak left hand, slowly getting better and thanks for all the lessons Stephen. …OF COURSE NEIL TOPS MY LIST FOR THAT DRUM STYLE BUT I ADMIRE MIKE PORTNOY. .THE GROOVE HE APPLIES TO THE DOUBLE BASS INSPIRES ME. …HES SUCH A GOOD DRUMMER. ..

  17. Miriam says:

    Love this lesson! Have played some linear grooves before, though a more simplified version of this. Nice toutch with the high hat!

    I really love prog rock/metal, and if I have to pick one drummer it would have to be Dean Kennedy from the Australian band Teramaze(former member) and Damnation days.
    But as I am from Norway I have to mention a fantastic young drummer, Baard Kolstad, who plays in no less than four bands: Leprous, Randezvous pointing, DJ&Drums and Borknagard. You should all check them out ;)

  18. Gina says:

    Steve Smith, Steve Porcaro, Steve Ferroni, Steve Gadd
    (theme perhaps ?) Neil Peart, Gina Knight, Ringo and John Bonham. Love watching the videos. Thank you so much. I’ve learned a lot! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your growing family!

  19. Alain Poudrier says:

    Thanks once again for a great lesson Stephen! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family
    Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Trilok Gurtu, Omar Hakim, Siemy Di, Manu Katché, Jerry Marotta, John Bonham, Max Roach, Stewart Copeland.

  20. Gary says:

    Bill Bruford, John Bonham, Joe Morello, Pat Mastelotto

  21. Russell Devere says:

    Stewart Copeland!

  22. Mark says:

    Hi Stephen, realy enjoying all your Lesson here in the UK. my favorite drummers are Mick (Woody) Woodmansey John Bonham, and joe morello.

  23. Joe McFadden says:

    excellent intro!! Show me how I do stuff I do but don’t know how I got there! Richie Heyward, Dennis Chambers

  24. Joel Probasco says:

    Hi Stephen and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
    Favorite drummers? Let’s see next to you, Steve Gadd, Jim Keltner, Ringo, Bill Kreutzman, Elvin, Buddy, Mitch Mitchell, of course, Bonham, and many, many others too numerous to mention!
    Thank you for all you do, Stephen.

    • Stephen says:

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too Joel! Hope you had a great day with friends and family. Love all of those players. And you’re more than welcome…so glad the lessons help my friend.

  25. Chris says:

    great groove. Thanks Stephen! Learning so much!

  26. Simon says:

    Great lesson Stephen. This is also a great way to practice hand foot independence. Favorite drummers have to be Neil Peart and John Bonham.

  27. Mario Dumitrescu says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Great beat …so simple…yet so incredible and balanced sounding ! I wouldn’t have thought of something like this. That’s the difference between a pro and an amateur.At first, it sounded interesting and complicated but after you broke it down … I’ve done it in 3 minutes !Thank you for sharing this…it’s so useful. My favorite drummers are Neil Peart , Dennis Chambers , Simon Philips , Cozy Powell and recently…Stephen Taylor( I love your live drumming in a church…amazing )

  28. David says:

    This has a reggae feel anchor on the accent on 3 (lose the down beat one one somehow. Also reminds me of a Stewart Copeland reggae back beat groove.

  29. Kerry Walker says:

    Another great lesson! Thank you sir. I have so many favorites but I really love the way Chris McHugh plays.????????????????

  30. Dave Wayne says:

    Fave drummer all-time: Tony Williams.
    Fave present-day drummer: Richard Spaven.

    Enjoying the lessons & advice.

  31. Jay Arendt says:

    Stephen, thx for the linear lesson. My favorite drummer right now is Michael Miley of Rival Sons. Tasty rock drummer on a small kit w/ open kick sound
    I’m 59 been playing since 1980. Never went to music school but I’ve had lessons thru the years

  32. Steve Sanford says:

    Wow.. That is the B.F.O.. Lol
    You are my favorite drummer Stephen
    And Todd Sucherman

  33. Todd says:

    This grove reminds me of the one in David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes song. May not be it exactly but would fit.

  34. Salvador Montoro Goethe says:

    Wow what a groove and what a lesson!!
    I guess I’ll struggle forcing my limbs not to join, especially on kick-HH-snare. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    There is no such thing as the best drummer, but I must mention my all-time favourite Phil Collins, especially in Genesis and Brand X, where he displayed his best drumming skills I believe.

    Drummers I love: Carl Palmer, Ian Paice, Mike Portnoy, Nick DVirgilio, Stewart Copeland, Thomas Lang, the huge Billy Cobham and recently fell in love with Meytal Cohen.

    Happy Thanksgiving for those in the US


  35. kirk peters says:

    I just love Ringos work,but cant beat Stephen Taylor for my favorite.You bring the goods and keep me going ,thank you and Happy Hollidays to SDS and Family.

  36. Terry Kay says:

    This pattern can be traced back to 1976 – it’s a slight variant of the disco beat of that era. Saw Billy Cobham explaining this in the late 70’s where he traces this beat to Ringo Starr playing Sgt. Pepper‘s Lonely Hearts Club Band (comedically referred to by the U.K. spoof band The Rutles) as Sgt. Rutter’s Only Darts Club Band ?) which, therefore, pre-dates the essence of this beat to 1967! Let’s give Ian Paice a shout out:great musicality, great technique and still relevant.

  37. Dennis says:

    Thanks for making sense of linear playing. All time favorite drummer for me is Joe Morello. Other favorites are Steve Gadd, Tommie Igoe, Nick Divirgilio, and Mike Portnoy

  38. Gary Sturm says:

    Thanks It really helps watching and breaking linear down into simple terms.

  39. John Stewart says:

    My favourite drummers have always been Charlie Watts and Ringo. Charlie for his simple .but appropriate for the song drumming that has a subtle but powerful impact on the songs and the whole band. The man’s not a show off, he let’s his drumming do the talking. I’ve respected that ever since I started drumming some 55 years ago. Ringo also has unique patterns that most importantly play to each song to make it better rather than try to take over it. I know there are many great drummers out there that are far more technically advanced and dedicated to their craft as well and I appreciate what they do, But these two drummers had the greatest influence on me when I was starting with groups in Toronto and they still do all these years later. I’m still playing and feel grateful to be drumming. It’s one of my true loves that gives life meaning.

    Keep up the great videos.Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. friends.

  40. Gordon Panther says:

    I’ve only been going a couple of years (and I’m 50 years old, so I’m the “going” is not happening at a very fast rate, haha!). And until starting playing, I’d never really paid great attention to drumming in the music – drawn toward the general sum of music, the vocals and lead guitar as I suspect most general listeners are. So I never really noticed any drummers really, except Nicko McBrain, simply because I’ve always followed Maiden. However, now I need a drumming role model! – and Nicko is way too far beyond where I could even begin to think about starting. He’s more things hung on his kit than I’ve got… anythings. So I about a year ago, I picked Josephine Forsman for my favourite drummer. Formerly girls garage rock band Sahara Hotnights, then heavier Casablanca. I picked her partly because her kit is normal; partly I can at least aspire to move somewhere heading roughly in that direction maybe, eventually, in a few years! But mainly because I play along to loads of SH songs (and others) as one of the learning methods (along with lessons and your vids), because their songs have such a wide range of drumming styles, but all in the… ‘comfort’ of a single band (fewer other… ‘variables’?). And, well, if I’m being honest… partly because she’s a damn sight easier on the eye than Nicko McBrain! ( & Sorry Nicko. And likewise, Stephen – you’re a great drummer and teacher. But she’s a girl with long blonde hair that flies about when she plays; you can’t beat that!

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving Day and super lesson, thanks. It’s too late in the evening for me to have a go now but I’d never even heard of ‘linear’ (noob) so shall be giving it a go at the weekend!

    Thanks, Gordon

  41. billy harrison says:

    hi bro, my favorite drummer is shiela e. i dont really know any drummers. i have been watching the police and a really like styx.

  42. jeff reiss says:

    Zigaboo Modeliste takes the gold for me, especially the first few albums. Untouchable feel… funk holy grail :)

  43. Frank P Carpi says:

    It’s nearly impossible to define who is the best drummer, since there are hundreds of really fantastic people out there. Dave Wekle, Mike Portnoy, Thomas Lang, and the list could go on to maybe even thousands!

  44. Francis Poon says:

    Bernard Purdue, Max Roach, art Blakey, Mike Portnoy, Mike Mangini, ……etc. last but Not Least, Stephen Taylor.

  45. Turtle purple says:

    Dave wekle.
    Buddy rich
    John densmore .

    My three faves

  46. Raghu ram parimi says:

    Very good… I love this beat… Easy to learn.. thanks

  47. Mike says:

    I was just practicin’ “She’s Not There” by the Zombies. I believe it uses a linear groove for the versus and your demo could be used in that song. Also I use a linear groove for Tom Petty’s Breakdown in the first half or so of the song. I just never knew it was called linear. I’m going to use your demoed linear groove for the Zombies’ song. Thanks!

    My best drummer. That’s a hard one. I would say there are several. If I’m listening to one at any given time he’s the best at that moment. Ringo is tops. Loved Buddy Rich as a soloist growing up to play drums. Love Dylan Elise as a soloist. John Bonham just has killer swag grooves that I’ve learned (with your help) same with Mitch Mitchell (Manic Depression).

  48. George Badough says:

    Rick Allen – Def Leppard

  49. John says:

    Thanks Stephen for the breakdown. I can also do a few linear fills that sound great.
    My favorite drummer right now is Gavin Harrison, before that it was Phil Collins.

  50. James says:

    My favorite drummer is Jeff Hamilton. Joe Morello is a close second

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