Live Stream Q&A – 9.4.2019


Live Stream Q&A – 9.4.19



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02:01 – While doing the Gladstone technique the stick is moving down in my hands. How can I fix this?

05:16 – How do you mount a cowbell?

07:38 – With the hi-hat foot, when is it appropriate to use heal up or heal down?

09:48 – Less can be best…can you elaborate?

13:45 – What’s the best way to setup the click for practice? Mainly what subdivisions, what’s the best way to use them?

21:04 – How can you record yourself so the viewer can hear the music?

26:24 – Do you use click when you play with a band?

37:04 – Without a click do you hit the crash on the 1 a little harder?

38:11 – What is your preferred monitor mix?