Live Stream Q&A – 8.21.2019


Live Stream Q&A – 8.21.19



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02:20 – What do you think the impact of silent stroke drum products are? Are they helpful?

06:38 – When do you use rim shots?

08:45 – If the rest of the band makes a mistake, do you go along, or try to get back on track??

13:32 – How do you pick what size drumstick to start with?

16:20 – What do you do when the bass player is playing at a faster tempo than you are?

21:46 – Can you use brushes for anything other than jazz?

22:50 – When are the adjustments to the beginner tracks going to happen?

25:33 – While practicing the Gladstone technique my hand is slipping up the stick. Is this normal or incorrect technique?

28:29 – How goes the search for the new studio?

33:09 – Can you explain the middle finger fulcrum?

40:27 – Do you use your index finger as a guide for your middle finger grips?

42:12 – Do you have any advice for opening and closing the hi hats? Especially with the timing of the opening and closing?

49:19 – Story time.

50:34 – When playing triplets in jazz, is the let the same as and, and when playing eight notes?