Live Stream Q&A – 8.7.2019


Live Stream Q&A – 8.7.19



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02:50 – When do you know when you can move on from a lesson?

07:29 – What do you do if you get stuck and frustrated?

13:25 – Fill in Billie Jean explained.


16:35 – Can you take a drum wrap off and spray paint the shell?

19:15 – How can I increase the endurance of my hi hat foot?

21:20 – Is it easier to play the bass drum quickly with heal up or heal down?

23:12 – Is it appropriate to add the kick drum to the 1 when hitting a crash, even if it’s not part of the original beat?

27:54 – Is there a lesson on how to develop flow and creativity?

30:26 – How do you effectively move between the snare and floor tom quickly?

38:34 – How do you develop speed and not have to think about playing fast?

40:39 – Learning new songs without sheet music can make counting difficult, I can play a song and it’s parts…but when I start thinking about it, playing becomes much more difficult. How can I approach this?

43:40 – Is there an extended lesson series on Train Beats?

2 comments on “Live Stream Q&A – 8.7.2019

  1. Julia says:

    I can play the floor tom bit in Billie Jean, but it sounds forced. Maybe I’m off by a fraction of a second, or it just doesn’t come across well on my mutes. It doesn’t feel good to play, honestly, while the rest of the song does. Interesting to know that it was overdubbed — now I don’t feel bad about dropping it.

    • Stephen says:

      Drop it for sure. I am planning on redoing this lesson and taking that part out. It’s just confusing and I never should have added it in the lesson. Sorry about that!

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