Live Stream Q&A – 7.24.19


Live Stream Q&A – 7.24.19



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01:37 – Congratulations Aaron Levy!

02:49 – When working on the Moeller stroke, should you feel your triceps being triggered?

06:45 – Can we add jazz or samba to the play alongs?

09:47 – Are there any lessons for creating new drum parts? (see lesson below)

12:04 – How do you go from hi hat accents and transition into a solid back beat?

15:35 – How do you deal with physical injuries while still trying to play the drums?

18:30 – When are the Kickstarter t shirts being shipped?

20:05 – How can I improve my 16th notes on my hi hats?

23:45 – What are some common left foot patterns in 6/8 while playing the ride cymbal?

28:30 – If you cut down a bass drum, will that ruin the sound?

29:42 – My floor tom came without a bottom hoop, do I need one? Which one should I get?

31:10 – Final announcements!

* Creating New Drum Parts Lesson *