Live Stream Q&A – 7.9.19


Live Stream Q&A – 7.9.19



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02:06 – How do you add fills to tom grooves?

11:51 – How can I set my drums up comfortably?

15:31 – How do you play La Grange by ZZ Top? There are a few different ways to play it, but which is correct?

24:15 – What is a practice breakout session?

25:08 -What’s the best thing to focus on for pad work?

28:22 – Can you give some more info on tone, range and intervals with tom tuning? Does the resonant head need to be higher, lower, or the same as the batter?

39:19 – How can I fix the buzz on my snare drum? What do snare strainers do / how do they work?

47:57 – Should triceps be triggered during the Moeller stroke?

51:23 – Are wraps hard to take off of drums?

53:33 – When can I start soloing?