Live Stream Q&A – 6.25.19


Live Stream Q&A – 6.25.2019



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02:14 – What are train beats?

05:25 – How can I increase the control and strength of my week hand?

09:37 – Is it possible to learn fundamentals with just a practice pad?

12:59 – What tips do you have for different wood types with drums?

17:44 – Does learning one style of music help me get bettter at other styles of music?

22:30 – Right foot is slipping on the pedal, how can we fix that?

24:14 – Are there specific lessons focused on the left foot?

29:18 – Can we have Charlie Adams on a livestream?

30:27 – When we join the program, when do we get to start hitting a drum?

32:07 – How can we improve our slow and fast twitch muscles?