Live Stream Q&A – 5.30.2019


Live Stream Q&A – 5.30.2019



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3:25 – Setting up your music room.
8:13 – What are resonant heads on toms for? Should I take them off?
12:22 – What skill level am I?
15:20 – Why are tom grooves popular now, how should I play them?
19:17 – Bass drum technique.
23:18 – Hands are hitting together and bass drum question.
28:40 – Sticks getting tangled between hands.


7 comments on “Live Stream Q&A – 5.30.2019

  1. John says:

    No sound is it me

  2. John says:

    All I got is gear and the thing that make it full screen

  3. John says:

    Ok got it thanks

  4. Kenneth says:

    With respect to clashing sticks between snare and HH: I believe Charlie Watt simply does not play the HH on the backbeat…

  5. Justin says:

    Great answers Tim, just catching up on this Live Q and A.

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