Live Stream Q&A – 5.14.2019


Live Stream Q&A – 5.14.2019



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01:08 – What’s coming up next?

05:51 – What’s the best way for me to find a lesson I’m looking for on the site?

09:00 – Learning drums in a worship mix.

11:27 – How can I use my cracked cymbal?

15:00 – What’s the best way to record a video of me playing that I can send in to SDS?

18:57 – How to handle playing with other musicians, reading music and playing the drums well.

26:12 – How important is it to learn your top 3 recommended books to becoming a better drummer?

27:31 – Should I include the video lesson watch time, with the allotted lesson time?

29:31 – Which version of the Drum Better Daily questionnaire should I use?

31:10 – When working on the rudiment lesson track, how do you know when to move on to the next rudiment?

33:53 – Do you have any advice for playing for long lengths of time?

38:33 – How much time should be dedicated to technique exercises?

41:57 – How do you approach learning / charting large amounts of songs?

50:49 – Announcements!


8 comments on “Live Stream Q&A – 5.14.2019

  1. Randall says:

    Thanks for being patient and understanding when you guys answer my questions !!! Love the support that you guys give to me.

  2. Mark says:

    Stephen, Tim, great Q&A session and thanks for picking up my Q on how to send in a video. Just moved house and finding stuff and when I’m set up, speakers, cables etc. I’ll have a go. Thanks a bunch. Mark (UK-Wales)

  3. Steven says:

    RE Cracked cymbals…they use the same technique when repairing cracks in railway bogies. The hole makes the energy that causes the crack dissipate on the inside of the hole.

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