Live Stream Q&A – 5.1.2019


Live Stream Q&A – 5.1.2019



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0:00 – Intro

5:25 – What are student reviews?

7:48 – How do you search for people on the forum?

9:25 – Is it possible to do a lesson series on traditional style country beats, grooves and fills?

10:22 – How do you know what microphones to buy / what else do you need for recording yourself?

19:19 – How do you deal with the fear of playing in front of other people?

31:52 – How crucial is it to read music as a drummer?

35:56 – How to not become reliant on sheet music

42:03 – Do drummers need to understand music theory? Is this an important factor when working with other musicians?

50:00 – Final Announcements