Punctuating Your Drum Fills

Stephen Taylor

Punctuating Your Drum Fills

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I was teaching a lesson to my students the other day and this topic came to my mind out of the clear blue. I spent part of that lesson talking about how to make your fills say something different by how you end them. It was a totally unplanned talk but so important to discuss. That’s what I love about teaching online. The interaction is still there with the students.

When I first started drumming, I spent countless hours thinking about what I played in a drum fill. It wasn’t until I began listening to myself on recordings that I began to notice how I ended those fills. It became clear to me that I could end my drum fills in different ways depending on the feeling that I wanted that phrase to convey. Check out the lesson below to see exactly what I’m talking about.

Punctuating Your Drum Fills

The whole point is to THINK about EVERYTHING that you do while you’re playing. Don’t just crash at the end of a fill because that’s what you always do. Think of different ways you can end your phrases and fills. Then notice how each different ending makes that same fill “say” a different thing.

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-Stephen T.