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"I’m the drummer for the Verve Jazz Ensemble ( As a busy jazz drummer with an active recording career, I’m always looking for great new ideas for chop building, interesting fills and licks, and great new grooves. I dig Stephen’s insightful, wide open and high energy passion for drumming, and his approach to online studies is creative and well done. Thanks for your contribution to the art and hope to connect with you in person one day soon (feel I know you already from all your virtual presentations!)."

Josh Feldstein • The Verve Jazz Ensemble

"I have been pretty lucky…as a music major in college, drums and percussion were my minor instrument. I have had the opportunity to study with some pretty cool and well known drummers. In the time I have been a member of The Shed (about a year), I can honestly say that I’ve learned more memorable, versatile and useful drum info and techniques than all my former years and teachers combined! Stephen presents the lessons in a way that just makes sense! He is super talented player/teacher, and most importantly, it’s obvious that he really cares about his students! Thanks and keep on rockin!!! *high5*"

Christo Young

"I joined Stephens drum shed just under two weeks ago as a complete beginnner. After only a few live lessons i was playing Linear grooves, Rock and Funk…what I thought would take me months to learn, was taught to me by an incredible teacher who broke everything down into small sections so i could really understand what was going on! If you could bottle what Stephen has and sell it, you would be a millionaire. First class tuition from a top class teacher…and an animal of a drummer!"

Ashley Hunter • Dublin, Ireland

"If you want to learn the drums, Stephen is the guy you want to know. I've learned a ton from him…from basic fills and chops to stuff I didn't ever think I'd be able to play, like some world rhythms and jazz. I'm no expert by any stretch, but I'm much better than I was a year ago! And the learning will continue. The site is super well organized. You pick the track you want to learn, and BAM! Everything you need from lessons to assessment criteria is right there. You can even submit it to him for feedback. What could be better?"

Tim Krakowski • Atlanta, Georgia

"There are lots of things I like about Stephen's lessons, but the thing I love the most is his enthusiasm. Every singles lesson is great fun and easy to understand. So, besides learning loads of cool stuff, I always feel inspired to practice more. What more could you ask for?"

Steve White • Whitney, England

-Stephen Taylor