My Hero Drum Lesson

“My Hero” – The Foo Fighters – Dave Grohl


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13 comments on “My Hero Drum Lesson

  1. Frank Odom says:

    FINALLY!!! The right way to play this beloved song. This has as many different interpretations as “Don’t Stop Believing” ???????? Thanks brother.

    Question: Have you tried clapping as the birds fly over?

  2. Tood says:

    Great Lesson!! Thanks!!!
    This drum part was composed by Foo fighters’s first touring drummer: William Goldsmith but Grohl re-recorded the drums for the album. We can recognize goldsmith’s style (sunny day real estate). Most people think grohl composed the drum parts of the color and the shape, he just played them cause he’s a more “solid” drummer. That’s why Goldsmith said he had been creatively “raped”… (I think only everlong and walking after you drum parts were composed by Grohl on this album).

  3. Jenny says:

    This song is well above my skill level, but I’m trying! Sheet music definitely helps.

  4. Thank you for the lesson! I’m with a drum instructor but wanted to get a head start. I got through this tune with my band improvising but wanted to play it right! The sheet music helps a lot

  5. Steve says:

    Great lesson Stephen loved it.

  6. Richard Gresham says:

    I cant read music :(

  7. Troy says:

    great to be back at the shed. Learned this on bass and guitar. now trying to learn this on drums..and using this to practice my bass drum technique.

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