Music Only Takes One Person

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6 comments on “Music Only Takes One Person

  1. Stephen Schowengerdt says:

    Don’t cut off any fingers when you get that chainsaw out.

  2. Mick the Mick says:

    Effing awesome story! Dude, I know the feeling. So often we think of “how it goes” is just the way it is, at times things rock, at times they don’t —- and we forget that rocking out isn’t an “out there” phenomenon, it starts “in here” (taps on chest) — WITH US.
    Stephen, thanks for the great reminder. I am fired up!

    – Mick

  3. Graeme McDonald says:

    Apparently Gene Krupa got Benny Goodman’s band out of their nervous tension on their first tune and their first time at Carnegie Hall.
    Gene had a short break in the opening tune & basically walloped everything on his kit and, in doing so, set the band up for a good concert. In this case Gene was the one person.

    Hey Stephen … get yawself a big ol’ hat so you don’t get sunburnt ears. Believe me…I know what I’m talkin’ about. :-)

  4. Mike L says:

    Cool, insightful stroll, bro. The green, spherical object that you picked up in the creek bed:

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