Message In A Bottle Drum Lesson

“Message In A Bottle” – The Police – Stewart Copeland


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22 comments on “Message In A Bottle Drum Lesson

  1. Brian Patteson says:

    Great stuff Stephen
    Stewart’s great thank you for your time and have a great Easter


    Good work Stephen. It goes to show it’s the mind behind those Handz and footzez that make for these inventive drum parts. Much more than pure ‘chops’ and blinding speed. Steve Gadd comes to mind of course.
    I think I said once before….You must be a good time manager.

  3. Helmut Seiwald says:

    Thanks Stephen, great job, love these Copeland grooves.
    Have nice Easter weekend!

  4. Clay says:

    Incredible work Stephen! Amazing how you can take a song 160bps with Copeland’s busy antics, reggae infused style & explain/play making it comprehensible. Awesome as I have gotten it up to speed!

  5. John says:

    Thanks Stephen! Awesome stuff.

  6. Great job on the lesson! Thanks for doing some Stewart Copeland!

  7. Simone says:

    Thank you Stephen!
    Stewart’s drumming is still very hard to replicate :)
    Very thorough lesson!

  8. Jamie says:

    Have to learn this for my new band. I knew the drums were cool and different but hadn’t appreciated by how much! A great lesson, thorough but concise, breaking it down into simple chunks. Looking forward to getting it down! Thanks again

  9. Mark Ravitz says:

    Thank you Stephen! My bandmates want to play this and I turned green at the thought. Stuart is anything but run of the mill. This has helped immensely, as did the lesson on Don’t Stop Believing.

  10. Mr N Evans says:

    This is just awesome! Thank you so much – an awesome breakdown!

  11. Tom says:

    Thanks, helped a lot

  12. tibo says:

    I thank you very much for this lesson, but i am french and not understand english good enough to be able to continue with you

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