Linear Drum Fills (Using Chunking)

Linear Drum Fills (Using Chunking)


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31 comments on “Linear Drum Fills (Using Chunking)

  1. Don O'Keefe says:

    Chunking Chaffee is always cool!

  2. Bob Ludwig says:

    Just shared with the drummer in my band

  3. Aaron Reyes says:

    This guy is very good instructor with some very nice chops! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Mario Dumitrescu says:

    Hey Stephen ! as always , you ‘ve managed to deliver some very interesting concepts.Thank you for sharing with us good quality stuff. Honestly , I discovered your teaching skills at the Drumeo ” 10 drum fills every drummer should know “

  5. Sheila Kae says:

    Another great lesson. Mahalo!

  6. Butch Cavouto says:

    Love stuff like this. Keep it coming. Butch Cavouto.

  7. Mike Ross says:

    Hey Stephen, how are you, just wanted to say thanks for the lesson once again . You know you really put a lot of time and patience in all these videos that you do and just want to say thank you for that. And thank you for teaching so thorough and so we all can understand.GOD BLESS

  8. Jeff says:

    Thanks, Stephen! Very useful. Now to figure out how to block out what the band is playing so I don’t screw up the fill :)

  9. Alfredo Morales says:

    Yes ,I studied with Gary Chaffee during the 80´s and thanks for refreshing me about this. Good job !!!!

  10. Mike Elliott says:

    This felt good to play. Especially considering I was doing that awkward jam/practice thing that’s not really practice at all. Thanks for the direction!

  11. Julian Voitl says:

    i really like your way, but i hate your snare sound, sorry

  12. Robert Hawkins says:

    Great lesson thanks Stephen. Love the idea of chunks worked our in advance.

  13. Peter Cyr says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for a fresh look at building fills. Nice little lesson that will be huge when applied correctly.

    Love the sound of the new kit, especially the snare! ;-)

  14. Dan says:

    Steven, i like how you broke it down so clumsie old guys like me can get a grip on it. Once you tied it together it’s a sweet smooth gill. Thanks

  15. Peter anderson says:


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