I Got The Feelin’

“I Got The Feelin'” by James Brown


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  1. Robert Mullins says:

    He does good work but talks way too much

    • Alain Poudrier says:

      Stephen is a great teacher and he does these videos free of charge. He also deals with every age and every level. That is why sometimes he describes a lot. If you can do better, I await to see your videos soon. Otherwise, take it for what it is.
      Thanks for the free lesson Stephen and I enjoy all of your lessons!

    • Stephen says:

      Hey Robert…This is a lesson I did for my members. Those are more relaxed, they’re live streamed, I take questions, I go in to the history of the songs and parts, as well as go in to as much detail as possible with the parts I’m teaching. I have everything from beginners to advanced that watch so I try to cover them all. They resemble an in person more than a 5 minute YouTube clip. I encourage you though, use that scrub button to move the lesson along. As well, if you like short form lessons, you may want to check out my YouTube channel. They tend to be very short and concise. Here’s one for you to check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zA_cNmoGj0

      Hope that helps a bit!

  2. Jim Moore says:

    Great lesson man! Thanks!!!!!!

  3. unbearably long, way too much talk, not enough of orig track played, ridiculous amount of ghost notes.

    • Stephen says:

      Hey Earl…This is a long form lesson. The lessons I do for my members are live, involve questions in real time, I go in to the history of the tunes a bit, and I go in to as much detail as I can on the parts. Much like an in person lesson would be. Playing the original track…that’s copyright infringement, so no can do. Ghost notes…I agree, there’s a ridiculous amount. But what is written and taught is what is on the original track. You can hear that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX4AmJDless

      You may enjoy my YouTube channel lessons a bit more. They’re shorter, shallower in topic, etc. I send those out to you all as well with sheet music if you’re on the email list. Here’s one you may dig: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TioPEhNiivY

  4. Richard Petty says:

    Wow! That bridge fill is nuts, especially to play it with ghosts and accents on one hand. I think I have to incorporate my right hand in order to get the right pop out of those snare hits. Great lesson!

  5. Gino says:

    I still like the Perdue shuffle much better!!
    Specially the way you taught it

  6. Chris Myers says:

    Another great lesson Stephen! Thank you for sharing these with us non members. Always appreciated.

  7. Pete B Rodriguez says:

    Excellent thanks again

  8. Bill Mattingly says:

    You do a great job as an instructor Stephen! Thanks!!

  9. Jim Tobias says:

    Great Lesson as always Stephen! The Ghost Notes class I studied with you over a year ago really helped learning this song. Although I have noticed that some of my technique has “slipped” a bit since I haven’t been in the in-depth study of it. Time to hit the “Wood-Shed” again and go back and review your videos that I have downloaded.
    BTW – on my way back from you ole stompin’ grounds when you were gigging in NOLA. Spent 10 days there subbing for a buddy of mine! Peace and God Bless!

    • Stephen says:

      Funny how it goes away when we don’t use it! So glad that course helped so much. Jealous you got to be in NOLA…miss that culture. God bless brotha!

  10. Keith says:

    If you are not a member then become one. It will change your life. If you are an instructor or a performer, if you feel you have “gospel chops”, then STILL become a member of SDS. If you are at a point where you don’t think there is more to learn, then join!

  11. Scott Barmby says:

    Always enjoy your lessons. I agree that there are more ghost notes than I have heard before. However, this lesson is a great lesson on mind – hand – independence control. Also, good lesson on reading sheet music. Thank you for the sheet music. I can now go to work on the groove not only from memory but using the sheet music.

    • Stephen says:

      You bet Scott. The ghost notes they use are extremely soft at times. As well, there are different versions of this song and some don’t have all of the ghosts. Glad it helped!

  12. Philip Nestor says:

    Great lesson.Do you have any videos on the heads you use and the turning you use?

  13. Angie says:

    I love funk drumming!!!! I wish I could play funkier fills,

  14. Mark Domme says:

    Great lesson as always Stephen….being a huge fan of Clyde/Jabo I am always looking for these breakdowns of their classic grooves!!! Watching you slow it down and really place the ghost notes helps immensely with my practice….thank you for all of the great content you provide!!

  15. Robert Hawkins says:

    Great lesson as always Stephen. Thanks!

  16. Tae Joon Ahn says:

    Great lesson!!
    Thank you, Stephen!!

  17. Greg says:

    Great lesson Stephen. I never realized there were so many ghost notes when listening to the song. I’m not the greatest reader but being able to see the ghost notes played really helps since I’m more a visual learner. Thanks, always enjoy your teach!

  18. Gino says:

    I’m having trouble with two tickets to Paradise the timing of the fills sorry I picked this venue to ask questions I wasn’t sure where to go.
    I really like the way you break the songs and beats down like the Purdy shuffle
    and I can play it now while showing off his signature on the back of my crash cymbal with the happy face.

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