How To Set Up Your Drum Room For A Better Sound

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How To Treat A Room For Drums (Cheap & Practical)


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9 comments on “How To Set Up Your Drum Room For A Better Sound

  1. Roy Innella says:

    I have used a type of insulation called Roxul that is not as irritating as rock wool and is a great sound absorbing material.

    A lot of great tips thanks Stephen.

  2. Nick Ferrence says:

    What an informative and different video Stephen. I have a double car garage that’s uninsulated and has cheap stamped steel garage doors. I have my drums on one side but it echos a fair bit. I love your clapping method in determining where the echos are coming from. I’m going to try that method and some old foam mats I have laying around.

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Keep the great videos coming. Thanks

  3. Greg says:

    That was a really great and informative teaching on sound enhancing the room for drums / recording especially if one is on strict budget. Thanks Stephen

  4. Ronyd says:

    Hey Steven,
    Nice.. I just built 5- 24×48 panels using
    5-6 layers of towels inside the frames and a towel for the front. Another cheap way to build panels. The towels dampens the soul waves for sure. Thankx for video..

  5. Jeremy says:

    Thanks Stephen! This has been very helpful, I’m in the process of building a room within a room in my basement so I can practice more without making my wife go nuts. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Goran says:

    I used pins to stick acoustic phones on my son’s wall…. They worked really well, as you suggested.

  7. Miriam says:

    Hi! Any good tips for playing in an attic? A hole lot of corners and weird angles that give off a lot of ressonance, particularly from the slope ceiling over my kit. Help!

  8. Sandra says:

    Hey Stephen that was an awesome video. Great tips which I am going to try out immediately! I look forward to one on soundproofing as you suggested.

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