How To Play Halftime Drum Beats

How To Play Halftime Drum Beats


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  1. Nikos says:

    Thank you for what you did for you teaching I am from Athens Greece my name is Nikos or Nickolas if you wish I am following you lessons but some time’s there a lot of iformation And Im trying to put my head together for all those informations what I have need is the way to manage my time of practice and since I am 57 old man Ineed more time to absorb things , you have a video lesson about this topic and I will most appreciate if you can sent it to me. I am a regular drummer at my local church as well as a worship leader there a lot of drummers out there but I am a big fan of you and your way of teacthing. THANK YOU FOR DO WHAT YOU DO YOU ARE A BIG BLESSING. NIKOS DEPASTAS from Greece.

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