How To Mic Toms

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5 comments on “How To Mic Toms

  1. Ben says:

    This came just at the right time!! I’ve just literally been looking at tom mics, and considering different options. I’ve just bought an Audix D6 mic for my bass drum, and love the way it sounds. – But I’ve never seen it used on toms before. – WOW!! I LOVE the sound of it (especially the floor tom!). I’m going to have to give this a try!!

    I also noticed that Benny Greb used the Audix D6 on his super low-tuned auxiliary snare drum, to get a really fat low thwack sound out of it. This mic seems to be a lot more versatile than I first thought!

  2. Greg says:

    Drums and cymbals sounds amazing through the mic’s. Stephen can you tell me what are all the cymbals used in this video. I see some K’s. They really have a great tone. Thanks

  3. Jon Pryor says:

    Somewhere… somewhere (in the vast labyrinth of hard drive space) I have a video of Benny Greb with (some engineer guy) and he’s discussing “his” preferred method of drum recording. Pretty similar to Roberts: minimal miking with overheads… and getting a more pure drum sound. The thing I appreciated about it was the recommendations are based on Grebs recording for a specific album he’s doing… and you get to hear the end result. Decent definitions and descriptions of WHY the engineer is miking the drums that specific way. Because the guy LIKES the REAL sound of drums.(Yeah. How refreshing.) He’s specifically miking it up to captures Benny’s “sound” rather than having it sound like a canned kit. It also helped that his miking recommendations were fairly brand generic so it’s possible to get the same effect from more budget brand mikes.I’ll try and dig it up.

  4. Gary O'BRIEN says:

    Hi Stephen I really love the sound of your drums I was at Kosmic Sound’s in Perth WA Australia and I just tried out a whole heap of mikes on my Brady drum kit and the Audix D6 was amazing so I look like using the D2 and D4 on my toms .
    Thanks guys for sharing that really enjoyable and informative regards from GARY

  5. Brad Willard says:

    Thanks for the heads up Awesome!

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