How To Mic A Bass Drum

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12 comments on “How To Mic A Bass Drum

  1. Brett Jamo says:

    As always, excellent!
    Due to circumstances im very limited to practice and playing @ the moment, however watching your videos reminds me you never stop learning, enthusiasm renewed and playing drums keeps me sain!

  2. Michael Amira says:

    Awesome again guys.

  3. Would the same advice be applied to micing a kick live in a small club?

  4. Philip Nestor says:

    Hi Stephan I enjoy all your videos! It would be nice to see how Robert Venable would mic a bass drum that doesn’t have a hole in the front head. What are your suggestions for mic placement for a drum like this for playing in a club or recording? I suppose it depends o the music being played. It seems that most drummers think a bass drum with hole in front is the only sound to have, what about the sound John Bonham or Mitch Mitchell got? Certainly in videos of those two great rock drummers playing live they had no holes cut into the drum and yet got a sound to fit the music they were playing. Thanks again for all the great videos.

  5. Geoff Coopwe says:

    This was great. I will now use this playing live as well.

  6. Geoff Coopwe says:

    This was great thanks. Would the same apply for live performances too?

  7. Brad Smith says:

    Another great lesson Stephen – Thanks Robert for sharing your expertise.

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