Homemade Isolation Headphones

Homemade Isolation Headphones


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19 comments on “Homemade Isolation Headphones

  1. Ron Deangelis says:

    Hey Steve,
    Fyi, for speed changer apps for Android, check out videolan VLC. Also available for windows and iMac.
    Also, Audipo for iOS and android.

  2. Bob Feldman says:

    good tips

  3. Kevtron says:

    Music Speed Changer is a great free app on Android (not sure if it’s outside the UK), it has a loop function too

  4. Excellent info!
    Thank you Stephen, for addressing this!
    I’ve used the Vic Firth phones for years too! Right speaker finally gave out so i switched to Shure in-ears, cut the cable off the VF phones and just wear them over the top haha
    I will pass along to my students!!

  5. Alvin g says:

    Thanks Stephen, great advice. After 40 years playing i have significant hearing loss (not enough to stop me playing thankfully) so this really hits home for me. Your hearing is the major tool you use when playing, protect it and it will serve you for many years to came.

  6. Jim Arnold says:

    Great tip, Stephen!
    Finding time to practicing drums can be a challenge, basically because of the volume. I had no idea a snare/rimshot is 125db. Freaking loud, is right!
    About 5 years ago, I bought a Roland V6 electronic kit with mesh heads. The most wonderful invention ever – and takes away the excuses for ” I can’t practice because it’s too loud and don’t want to disturb anyone”.
    They allow me to play physically like I’m rockin in an arena, with the volume low enough that my spouse can sleep in the other room.
    The mesh heads have the feel of real drums, and if you get tired of the way the drums sound, you can just select a different kit sound.

    When I do play my acoustic kit, I wear earplugs designed for musicians. You still hear the fidelity but at a lower volume.
    Got to do everything you can you protect your hearing!

  7. Mike says:

    Great idea Stephen. Thanks for all you do for the drumming community !

  8. Lonnie says:

    I have the Vic Firth headphones. Well worth every penny. In fact my bass player bought a set too!

  9. Josh says:

    Hey Steve I use the jvc isolation and noise cancelling in ear monitors and headphones dies great lowers by about 27 decibels and I don’t have to worry about the over the ears

  10. dave rieck says:

    I use headphones for practice and a pair of BEAT headphones for playing a church. Love them plus we have each our own headphone/ ear bud mixer so we can adjust each instrument or singer individually. I play electronic drums in church but i play in a reunion band with guys from the late 1970’s and a christian band. there I play accoustic with floor monitors

  11. Mike says:

    This has awakened my perceptions on sound, in relation to what I hear, how I mix my volume in play, and how I perceive what I hear which empowers my reactions. All helps in creation and artistry…many thanks.. Cheers

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