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3 Easy Steps

Set Your Goals

We help you assess where your playing is and set realistic goals using our A.D.D. system. Beginner? No problem! We have a pre-made set of lesson tracks to get you started and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

Pick Your Lessons

Choose from over 40 lessons tracks. Each track is an 8 week course designed to help you see daily growth in your drumming.

Get to Work

Each week of your plan will have a different video lesson, sheet music, and downloadable resources to help you see daily progress and reach your goals.

Drum Better Daily - How it Works

Lesson Plans

Each topic is broken into an 8 week lesson track. 1 video a week, on that topic, with sheet music and lesson resources. Work on as many or as few tracks at a time as you can handle.

Sheet Music

Each lesson comes with sheet music that can be downloaded or printed for later viewing.

Practice Breakout Sessions

New information is no good unless you know exactly how to work through it in your practice time. The live lesson times are meant to convey the new knowledge. The practice breakout sessions are where the work begins. We go through and look at exactly how to practice the material being discussed. You'll be given step by step instructions, goals to shoot for, and organizational strategies that Stephen has learned to implement in his practice time over the past 20 years. The breakout sessions are live streamed so that you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you need to.

Live Weekly Lessons

Each week we live stream 2 new weekly lessons. All live lessons are 45-60 minutes long, are recorded and posted to the members area, and include a live practice breakout session later in the week. All practice breakout sessions are 30 minutes long. The live streams are a great opportunity to ask your questions in real time, chat with the other students, and make your experience as interactive as possible.

Weekly Emails

Staying motivated can be tough. But that's what we're here for! You will receive an email every week. Don't worry, we hate spam too. That's why we pack our emails full of done for you resources, practice tips, entertaining stories, and motivational materials aimed at keeping you focused on your one goal...seeing daily improvement in your drumming.

Live Q & A Time

You've heard it a million times...the only dumb questions are the ones you never ask. Every live lesson and live practice breakout session ends with a real time question and answer time. Whether it's 5 minutes or 5 hours, we stay live until every question is answered.


Each week of your plan also comes with downloadable lesson resources. Daily practice logs, goal assessments, practice schedules...all designed to help you see daily progress.


Each lesson is 30-60 minutes long. The lessons are available 24/7 on any computer or mobile device in standard and high definition.

Student Reviews

Need more personal attention from a teacher? Awesome. We love giving it. Here's how it submit a video or audio recording, we watch it and make notes, and then we live stream student reviews weekly to give you the feedback you need to improve. Why do we live stream the reviews? It gives you the opportunity to tune in and ask any questions you may have about the feedback we give. Can't make the live review? No worries. All student reviews are recorded and posted for later viewing.

Crazy Good Student Support

We hate it when people get upset. We lose sleep over it. Go days without eating. And that's why we're freaks about student support. Complaints or questions? Bring 'em. 8am-5pm CDT, Mon.-Fri.

Less Than 3 Clicks

Life is confusing enough. Your drum lessons shouldn't be part of that confusion. That's why we've adopted a "3 clicks and drumming" motto. No more pouring through hundreds of lessons on a page, no more wondering around vast sites, no more search bars that do everything well but search. Click the "Members" tab, click the "My Lessons" tab, and click the lesson you're working on. Done. Christopher Columbus was an explorer. You're a drummer. No exploring needed, just drumming.


Ever wish you could hang out with drummers all day every day? Us too. We've got a private student Facebook page. Once you sign up you gain access to a community of drummers that are as dedicated to getting better as you are. They're also crazy about drums. Winning!

For Everyone

We take the hassle and stress out of learning the drums so that you can focus on the fun. Whether you're a newbie on the drums or a seasoned veteran, these lessons will hit you right where you need them the most.

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Watch Anywhere, Anytime

With lessons that are available 24/7 on any computer or mobile device, you can watch a drum lesson anytime.  Weird work schedule or not, we'll have a lesson waiting for you.

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Organized for Your Success

We freak out about organization so that you can freak out about drumming. SDS gives you organized lessons, methodical student plans, and assessment criteria in every lesson.

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