Playing In Half Time – Mastering the Transition

Playing In Half Time – Mastering the Transition


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6 comments on “Playing In Half Time – Mastering the Transition

  1. Mike Wrghts says:

    Thanks for all that you do for the drumming community. May all that you give freely come back a hundred fold. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Scott Barmby says:

    Great lesson Steven!

    When I was taking private lessons, I had a bunch of sheet music for independence, but I lost them. This lesson was a good one to help me with site reading sheet music, getting more kick, snare and high hat independence.

    I once had to transition, very quickly, a 1/2 time beat in the middle of the song and I was struggling with it. I just had to memorize the feel but like you said, I had to count or I would have never transition well. Thank you for the ideas on using a fill to execute the transition. It was nice to see the mathematics work with music theory on the sheet music while following you on the video.

  3. Martin Bouissa says:

    Essential lesson. I’m still struggling with Bass Drum Blitz Camp but this is a must. Happy New year to you and your family! Thank you for a great teaching year. It truly put me on track. God bless.

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