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I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of your drumming journey. You will receive an email with all of your course details. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email the studio at You can start getting involved RIGHT NOW by saying hey in the comments below. Here’s to you becoming a better drummer!

Let us know if we can help you in any way! -Stephen T.

130 comments on “Thank You

  1. Sergio Guillen-Pantoja says:

    Hey Stephen,

    After the amazing progress I got from The Art of Practise, I couldn’t let this one pass. Your courses are quality and work perfectly for me.

    Thanks for everything.


  2. Jammed with some older musicians 2 weeks ago (I’m 41, they were in their 50s & 60s). After the first song the guitarist said, “You are the LOUDEST drummer I’ve ever stood next to.” It was awkward and all I could do was awkwardly say, “Thanks, I guess.”

    He told me I had great chops and drive…but I needed to work on my dynamics and feel. It was too much to be playing at volume 11 all the time. I played it off and kept the mood light, but blowing off constructive criticism has stifled my growth as a drummer. Your invitation to this course came at the perfect time. If I can get my ghosts and rudiments up to par it’ll round out my playing. Looking forward to this course.

    • Stephen says:

      You’re not alone…we all have to deal with the issue of volume control (but god forbid we tell the guitarist their amp is too loud…)

      In the end, all of that stuff just pushes you to grow. Hopefully this course will help you add some needed depth to your playing. Glad to have you in it!

  3. Dan says:

    Thanks for allowing me to join in on these sessions. I started playing in my youth ( 59 1/2 now) and loved the drums! I had a unfortunate motorcycle wreck in later life that left me with blank spots in my memory. Things I know that I know, or have learned, I cant remember. I can still play but sometimes what I want to be playing, what I know I should be playing just isn’t there. I’m hoping you’re up for helping me relearn the things that are missing.

  4. Steve White says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Confession time. I’ve bought some of your courses before & not actually used them. This time will be different. Looking forward to working hard on this.
    Steve W

  5. Paul says:

    Hey Stephen,
    Like Sergio, after the transformation I’ve seen in my practice from taking your TAOP course, I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to tackle an area of my playing I know could do with improvement. I love your teaching style and the depth you take a subject to. But to be honest you had me at “Ghost Notes…” :)
    See you on Monday!

    • Stephen says:

      What up Paul! So glad to see some of my TAOP peeps in here! It’s gonna be fun. The setup for this course is a bit different because of the technical (instead of strategical) nature of the topic but it’s every bit as systematic and productive. See ya Monday!

  6. Jon says:

    Hey Stephen,

    I am 30 and have been playing drums since high school. I had played with several bands prior to taking time off to finish school, and have gotten back into drums in the last year. I’ve been playing with some old band-mates who are excellent musicians and I refuse to be the limiting factor to what we do. I never had any formal education in drums (or any instrument for that matter). I need to make my practice a more deliberate, concerted event but have never had the guidance that I have needed. I think I have reached the limits of what I can do with my current set of skills; I really need to tighten up my playing and increase my level of confidence so I am not distracted while jamming or recording tracks. So far your teaching style has been perfect for me, and I am excited to get started with this course because of a few things you said in your intro video. The problem I wrestle with is merging the things I am learning – especially stick technique that allows for better rebounds – into my actual playing, since there is much more I can do with my “old” way, albeit with inherent limitations and a clear lack of polish. Do you have any advice for an experienced drummer with shaky fundamentals?

  7. Thibault B. says:

    Thank you a lot for let me join this course. You’ve succeeded in convincing a young french drummer to go further in his playing. :)

  8. Michael Cawelti says:

    I’m new to drumming, even though I just turned 60.????
    I always wanted to play a kit so I bought a Yamaha DTX430K set to keep the rehearsal noise and square footage to a minimum. I have been looking on You Tube for instruction. Your videos are the best instruction I have found. I have been an instructor for 40 years, in theater arts and in the wine trade… Your teaching is concise, insightful, and thorough. Your series on ghost notes is the first I’ve invested in, and I have, because I think it will help learn this challenging new artistic expression.

    Thanks for all your expertise. ????

    Ps. I swapped out to an acoustic snare and actual hi hat because I didn’t feel I was getting the proper feel to do the subtle stuff like ghost notes. Quick question, what’s the best way to muffle the snare and hi hat for noise, without sacrificing “feel”? Thanks!

    • Stephen says:

      Glad to have you in here Michael!

      The best way to muffle the snare is to get an Aquarian Super Pad to lay on the top of it. Check my YT channel for a video demo of those. For the hihat…to not sacrifice feel you should get a set of Zildjian L80 hats. That’s the best option. The second option is to cut a hole in a thin cloth and put it in between the hats so that it hangs over the edges. After you put the top hat back on, cut a hole in another thin rag (think like a shop cloth) and put it on the top hi hat. The thinness will help you feel the cymbal underneath while still providing some sound dampening.

  9. Juan Fernandez says:

    I have always loved to play drums but never own a set until I was 36 when my oldest boy said he wanted to play. This gave the excuse to buy a set. Well, like most kids he quit and I had the set all by myself. I took lessons back then when I started but got to a point where I was not getting any progress got discouraged and stopped. I am 54 now and currently play at my church once a month and this will be my first structure class in over 15 yrs and looking forward to it. I have been watching your videos for a while now and others but I keep coming back to your videos and stile of teaching. Hope the class is at a time when I can actually be present rather than download a video after the fact.
    Thanks for your dedication, Juan

  10. maurice says:

    40 some bucks are good price.

  11. Dave says:

    Hey now I got it ????????
    Looking forward to learning experience I’ve been watching on line and like get to another level

  12. Mark Burdon says:

    Hey Stephen! I’m really looking forward to the journey, and learning from you. I play in several bands currently here in Melbourne Australia. I can see that your teaching style and skills are going to help me step-up, to become better drummer. Getting ready to set genuine goals, apply some cool techniques, and action as much as i can along the way! Cheers, Mark

  13. Michelle H says:

    I just got back from Drumeo VIP, and just saw this. Glad I didn’t miss it. :)

  14. Jamie Joiner says:

    Hey Stephen,

    I’ve really enjoyed all your lessons on ghost notes so far and I know that even though I haven’t been around long enough to experience The Art of Practice previously, this course will be worth my while. My teacher is currently encouraging me to practice some Cuban grooves with cascara cowbell variations, clave, and Cuban foot pattern. I’ve been struggling to control the dynamics of each individual part and isolate them to bring out accents when needed (and to lay the bass drum back), so I think this course will be a great way to dive into that mindset and help me to achieve those goals too. I’m looking forward to getting to where I need to be.

  15. Niklas Tilli says:

    Hey! I thought it’s still a lot of work to get all of TAOP, and it really is, but this got me hungry for more. Luckily these lessons aren’t going anywhere no that I’m signed in :) I’ll try not to drown myself with all this awesome content.

    • Stephen says:

      Hey Niklas…so good to see some familiar faces in here! Set your goals, prioritize, and you’ll get through all of it in time. The tortoise wins every time I read that book.

  16. Jim says:

    Hey Stephen:

    I was traveling and hadn’t had a chance to check email until now. Looks like I just got in under the “wire!” I’m really looking forward to these classes. I’ve already stated to implement some of your teachings on Ghosts notes. I play in many different situations from church contemporary worship bands to country and modern rock bands and in all situations these techniques come into play. Thank you for your dedication and willingness to teach.

  17. Jeff says:

    Very excited for this lesson! I am a self taught drummer, and have been playing on and off for probably around 20 years… although I’ve only really been serious for the past 2 or so years. I started playing at my church in December and just playing with a click in a band has really helped me grow! I would consider myself an intermediate drummer, but I’m definitely ready to commit and push myself to the next level. Thank you for what you do Steven, I’m stoked to be a student!

    • Stephen says:

      Ha! I love going through the comments here…after just getting done teaching through TAOP, it feels like we’re getting the Avengers back together in this course. Glad to see ya in here Aaron!

  18. Bob Tebbe says:

    Thank you so much Stephen for all your help and for offering such wonderful courses! My practice time is definitely going to be much more organized now! I’m looking forward to diving into your lessons and getting myself ready for another VIP trip to Abbotsford next year! Cheers!

    • Stephen says:

      Bob!!! So great to hear from you man! I’m glad to have you be a part of things. If you need some help knowing where to get started, just let me know. That’s what I’m here for man!

  19. DEAN VANCE says:

    hey looking forward to checking out your course !

  20. Ben says:

    Stephen, TAOP literally changed my life. I have been DYING to get some ghost notes into my playing….Im super excited for this course! Knowing what kind of quality content you put out there I’m sure it will be awesome.

  21. As the founder and drummer for the very successful 90’s all-female band Whiskey Blu I have had the chance to play in some bigtime venues and with name bands. My problem has always been confining myself to playing loud and straightforward (as befitted our band and the period of time, music style etc) and being too busy in the band to learn the basics or learning different styles (I am self-taught). I am now trying to go back in time and break out of this and learn new skills. I may be older, but I want more than ever to learn new tricks and skills as long as I can still pick up a stick! Hoping this class will jumpstart me! I am very heavy handed, play huge sticks and on a huge kit….as Queen sang..I WANT TO BREAK FREE!
    Cant wait to get started! Thanks!
    Barb “Thee Animal”

    • Stephen says:

      So glad to have you in the course Barb. It’s so easy to lose your “touch” when you are primarily playing large (and loud) venues. I’ve been there myself. Hopefully this will help you fix that!

  22. ronda razo says:

    This is my new year rez! Determined to do this whole course to a T!!! Thank you Stephen!

  23. Ethan says:

    Hi Stephen just started drumming about 6 months ago I’ve found a true passion in playing the drums looking forward to this course!

  24. Rob says:

    Hey Stephen, super excited to start this course. I start playing drums about 3 months ago, so I’m a beginner, but I’m really looking forward to working hard on this stuff. Love your videos so far!

  25. Robert Hawkins says:

    Hi Stephen,
    After seeing almost immediate changes to my playing with the free mastering ghost notes videos, I just had to give the full course a try and see the full effects.

    Looking forward to working with you, as I have always enjoyed your lessons through Drumeo.

  26. Ren says:

    I’m jumping in. I’ve been following your youtube vids for a couple of years. Time to get deep. Cheers.

  27. Ken says:

    Hey Stephen,
    One of my biggest influences is mid-70s era Phil Collins (especially on Selling England by the Pound & The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway) – he is a ghost note MASTER on those albums! I use a ton of ghost notes myself, but I’ve never had any formal instruction on the concept, so I’m looking forward to jumping into your program to tighten things up a bit and get to the next level (and beyond).

    For the record, I really appreciate the hell out of your self-depreciating sense of humor. It adds an all-too-seldom-seen relaxed element to your teaching style :)

  28. Jack says:

    I’m so excited to get started with your lessons. I found you online over a year ago and I’m so impressed. Your an awesome drummer and you seem like a great guy. You seem to actually care about your students and that’s very important to me with that brings great trust and comfort. I’m so excited to be on board. I’ve been playing for over 20 years with a couple breaks in there but I’ve only have maybe 5 to 6 lessons. I’ve got so much to learn so I’m ready…. Thank you so much….

  29. Steve Ekhoff says:

    Stephen – I can’t wait to get started. I’ve been playing for 30 years, but have never taken a lesson. I’m so excited for the opportunity to finally branch out of my comfort zone.

    • Stephen says:

      Hey Steve…man, can’t tell you how honored I am to be going through your first lessons with you. No one does anything great alone…glad to be along for the ride! Let me know if you have any questions!

  30. Dave says:

    Really looking forward to the course. I’m 51 been playing for 4 years. Had lessons for about 2.5 years, then my drum teacher said I was at a stage where I should go to another teaching place where they put bands together. Have now played a few live shows in pubs. 4 of us have got together and formed our own band as well. Really enjoy playing, but want to improve as I still feel like I am not a drummer.

  31. Clifton says:

    Hi Steve, I found you purely by accident when I was looking for some drum tips on U-Tube and just love the way teach decided to take the plunge and join this course as I really want to nail down my ghost notes – I play for my local church
    Really excited to see where my playing will end up after your course

  32. Russell Duplessis says:

    Hi Stephen, I’ve been playing in clubs and bars for 15 years. I’m a member of the Drumeo community and that’s where I first saw you. I subscribed to your YouTube channel and now, here I am! I noticed a big difference in my playing immediately after doing the few “ghost note” lessons you put up. I decided I needed to get into the entire program. Thanks so much. Russ Duplessis

  33. Gary says:

    Really excited about this “Teach”. Your Site and “Infusionsoft” Campaign is so well done….I’m jealous. The amount of content is amazing.

  34. Brad Willard says:

    Watched the videos your right on with explaining the details !
    Thanks Stephen !

  35. Dave Ohanian says:

    Loved the TAOP course. Looking forward to a deeper understanding of ghost notes beyond “hit your snare very lightly now and then” lol.

    • Stephen says:

      Oh man, cause that’s my main talking point in all of the lessons…I find generic advice to be the best…

      Lol, J/K! Glad to see you in this course as well Dave!

  36. Garrett says:

    Hey Stephen
    Looking forward to improving my skills – thanks for the opportunity!

  37. Garrett Farrell says:

    I hope to reach another level of drumming by practicing the lessons in this program – thanks for putting it out there!

  38. Doug Born says:

    Hey Stephen !
    Whew … Just got in under the wire!
    Been in Ohio the last 2 weeks visiting my mom and leaving to go back to Texas. Will be traveling through Nashville Friday night. Any spot you recommend in particular to hit on the strip to catch some music ?
    Can’t wait to get back to my kit and get after it !!
    Thanks for all your hard work !!!!!


    • Stephen says:

      Glad you slid in Doug! There’s lots of great places on the strip…the Tin Roof has a great vibe. There’s also some great local spots like the Station Inn for bluegrass

  39. Mark says:

    Just back into it after a long layoff being an adult and raising a family. Time to be a kid again .

  40. Stephen says:

    You bet Garrett…stoked to have ya!

  41. Kelly Lyle says:

    Knowing I get to keep your courses for life is a big deal!

  42. Ray Boreham says:

    Nice and ghostly does it! I love the sound when I hear drummers “ghosting” – it sounds so good. I’m looking forward to adding that nifty skill to my arsenal.

  43. Mike K. says:

    Thanks, Stephen. I know this will be good. Your free YouTube content has got this mid-life music nut through some beginner bumps. Thanks for putting all that out there. Looking forward to a disciplined program to make my practice time really count. The areas you’ve chosen are exactly what (I think) I need to be working on.

    • Stephen says:

      So glad to hear it Mike. If you need any help or have any questions as you go along, please don’t hesitate to ask…that’s what I’m here for!

  44. Trong says:

    Hi Stephen. I just got your bundle package email after ordering and the Bass Drum Blitz Camp Download is actually not available (there is no link to download) in the email.

    Please fix the email so that I will be able to download it. Thanks.

    • Trong says:

      nvm, there is no zip files and i have to download each one individually. Got it!

      • Stephen says:

        Sorry about that…we actually had more people having issues with the ZIP files. Those with slow internet would stall out in the middle of the download. So for smaller packages like this one, I just piece them out. Glad you got it figured out!

  45. Kimberly Michael says:

    These topics must me picked just for me. They’re each what I need to further my goals success. Especially the practice structure! As an old beginner (50) I am lucky enough to have almost an unlimited amount of time to work with. But I find myself developing a “practice schedule” each day.
    Do you ever incorporate time to read and study fundamentals in practices? I haven’t looked at the course curriculum yet. I’m very excited for this purchase of exactly my needs to work on. It’s designed just for me!
    Thanks again Stephen! And congrats on the new studio!

    • Stephen says:

      I love it Kimberly! And absolutely, I spend a lot of time doing “music related” activities…reading, listening, concerts, transcription, etc.

  46. Stuart says:

    Hey I’m in my 40s and I got interested in drumming to support my son who is 5 and taking lessons at school. He’s having so much fun with it. I’ve been watching your youtube videos and couldn’t pass these up for me and my son later on. At home I have a practice pad and a pair of sticks, he has a practice kit of mesh heads. Realistically how much progress can I make without access to an actual kit? (Christmas is looking good for a low end e-kit if my son is still going.)

    • Stuart, this is a great question. And the answer is…actually. A lot. There is a whole thread in the Tim’s Tech Talk section of the forum that is going deep on eKits. I’ve owned an eKit for over 15 years and it has allowed me to practice SO MUCH MORE than I would’ve without having it. I don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone else in the house, or the neighbors. Yes, it is hard to work on things like “touch” and “tone” with eKits, and the ergonomics of an eKit can sometimes throw you when you sit back down at a real kit. But for people just starting out with drums and trying to nail basic coordination and groove/timing – eKits are great. I actually think they are a HUGE practice tool as you can’t really get as “distracted” by an eKit. With real drums sometimes you sit down and they are out of tune so you take a ton of practice time tuning them, or the opposite, you sit down and the snare sounds SO SWEET so you get distracted just jamming instead of sitting down to hammer out what you were planning on practicing.

      I think the best solution is to balance eKit with real kit so you still can work on touch and tone at a real kit. But I think you should work with what ya got and see where it takes you.

    • Stephen says:

      Hey Stuart…so sorry, I’ve been out of town and am just now getting caught up. You can make a lot of progress with just a pad. I would look at the hand technique lesson track and the rudiment 1 lesson track. They will be great for you to play on the pad.

  47. Philip Ercolano says:

    Funny. I just ordered your stuff and I don’t have a set….all my life I’ve wanted to play drums.
    Good sticks and a nice drum practice pad is all I have.
    Thinking of pulling the trigger.
    Dw design or performance ? I’m

    • Stephen says:

      So glad to have you in here Philip!

      So that’s a totally personal thing.

      When it comes to picking a drum set I would rather give you some available information and then have you make an informed decision. To do this, I would suggest a few things:

      1. Look at this link and view the discussion:

      2. Look up videos on You Tube reviewing and demoing them

      3. Look up reviews on the products from different retailers (found at bottom of product pages). I usually prefer the 2-4 star reviews as the 1 and 5 star reviews are a bit too biased in one direction to really be of help in a decision making situation.

      4. Be sure you have set a budget. The budget should inform your purchase. You can always sell it down the road and get a new one once you’re ready to upgrade.

      I hope that helps a bit…a drum set is such a personal thing that I really like for you (the person buying it) to do the research and listening. If you have any specific questions, I’m happy to answer those as well. Just hit me here or in my email.

      You also might want to post in the forums to see if anyone has personal experienc with either.

  48. Steve Rossi says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I’m 56 and have been playing guitar since my early teens. I’ve achieved a certain level on guitar but I’ve always felt like it didn’t come naturally to me. (short fingers don’t help) A couple of years ago I bought a Roland TD11V mainly to try laying down some basic drum tracks for recordings and wound up falling in love with the drums. Of course I”m a beginner but it just feels like it is my true calling. I know it’s late in the game but I hope to develop into a decent player who can play in a working, gigging band into my retirement years. Your free Youtube vids have already helped me significantly as your teaching style fits well with my learning style. I’m looking forward to practicing my ass off with all of this knowledge you’re about to throw at me! THANKS!

  49. Coron Tsurara says:

    I’m about to hit my six month mark as a drummer and I’ve been looking for a step by step “tell me exactly what to practice” program to help me develop my foundation. I know what I want to do long term, but the beginning is such a massive sea of information that I can’t even figure out a logical practice routine. I’m really hoping this program will help me make sense of everything and allow me to develop a rational approach to learning everything I can.

    • Stephen says:

      I hope it does too Coron. Please, let me know if you need any help getting started with the lessons. I want you to see the success you are needing to see.

  50. Andy Eckley says:

    Hi Stephen, like a few others here I’m a lapsed drummer last playing in the mid 80’s and now thanks to electronic drum kits I can play again without disturbing neighbours!
    I’m looking to exceeding my limited skills last time around and I think with your help and a lot of practice that’s possible

    • Stephen says:

      You’re in GREAT company here ANdy! So many members in your exact spot. Glad to have you in the DBD program. If there is anything I can do to help you, let me know!

  51. Jack says:

    Hi Stephen, looking forward to the course, i’m a new drummer and do not have a teacher(live in middle of nowhere), have watched many of your vids among others on youtube and think you deliver the best quality content. Hopefully with this course i can prevent developing any bad habits and improve on what you have already taught me :)
    So thanks for the lessons and here’s to many more!

  52. Francine says:

    Hi Stephen
    I understand the need for dynamics but I’m not yet at the point where my body always co-operates with my intentions … specially the kick and worst when I try to double the kick with a softer entry (not sure if that’s the correct description, but I expect you know what I mean … like ba Ba, rather than BA BA. Opposite way .. Ba ba is not so hard lol. Anyway I’m lucky that there are monthly blues workshops and weekly jazz jams in my city that are run and attended by lovely, encouraging people. My goals are to get a high five from my drum teacher who helps run the blues workshop (not an enormously high bar as he’s a lovely enthusiastic guy, but he is honest) and to have the confidence to actually play at the jazz jam… and of course ba Ba :) Look forward to working on this material.

  53. Daren says:

    Hello Stephen,

    I’ve been enjoying digging through the archives of your posts on Youtube, and I particularly appreciate your open-mindedness. To you, good music is good music, regardless of any labels that can be attached to genres.

    I’ve also picked up very useful tips and tricks that I’ve been able to apply to my drumming journey. Another particularly useful tip was the wrist-stretches video.

    I’m looking forward to smoothing out my doubles, so if you’ll excuse me … “Exit, Stage Left.”

  54. Gideon Hammond says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Really hoping that these lessons work for me, I am stuck in a rut with my playing!

    Stay safe and well,


  55. Phil Overmire says:

    Hi Stephen, Enjoyed watching your videos on YouTube. I have decided to invest a few pounds and plenty of time to some of your tutorials. I am looking forward to it.

    Cheers, Phil

  56. Ceci says:

    I’m a beginner, learning an instrument for the first time at age 50, and I am very excited to see what I can accomplish. I like your pedagogical approach and hope to have lots of fun while learning something new.

  57. Jay Stewart says:

    Hey Stephen, I just watched your “3 John Bonham Drum Beats…” video on YouTube. It was excellent! I’m looking forward to beginning your course. Especially the “weak hand” section. Thanks!

    • Hey Jay! Welcome! There are MANY John Bonham lessons on YouTube if you haven’t checked out the others. That series was a fun one.

      As for the DBD Program – glad to have you! Let us know if you have any questions at all.

  58. Elaine. (BEElaine) says:

    I’ve been subbed for a while, and I’ve seen some of your vids on drumeo as well. Even though I’m subscribed at drumeo I still wanted to get this program. Even though there are overlaps I find it interesting and helpful to get the different put perspectives. And I get great benefit from all the freebies so it’s also good to support you in this way. It’s been a joy to find this community of drummers…You, David Raouf, Casey Cooper, Jared and the gang at drumeo, and Eric M Carr (EMCProductions). Thank you

  59. Gee says:

    I had a kit when I was in high school and college, and tried to keep a beat while playing along to my favorite rock songs. I knew I wasn’t any good. My timing was lousy, and my fills were terrible. But I still had fun. Then I graduated, got a job, started a family, and left the drums behind.

    Now, 30 years later, I’m thinking of trying to do it right. To really learn how to play correctly. I have access to a kit, so that’s not an issue. But I also wonder … are there some of us who simply can’t drum, no matter how much we want to?

    • Nope! Anyone can start drumming at any age. Now, make no mistake, some people will have an “easier” time than others. This can be because they play another instrument, have spent a lot of time “learning how to learn” which makes them pick up on things quicker, or they might just have more TIME than others so they can go deeper more consistently in their practice.

      But I’m a firm believer that anyone can do it. The only requirement is the commitment to learn and putting in the practice. I didn’t learn how to read music until studying drums in college (and I was WAYYYY behind in that area compared to my peers) and I also, at that point, had just accepted “I’ll just never be good at reading”. But when I saw the value and benefit of reading and transcribing I dedicated myself to putting in the work. Now I do all the sheet music for SDS, Vic Firth, Zildjian – that “I’ll always be terrible” weakness became a strength. All because of a shift in my focus and attitude.

      I don’t say all that to toot my own horn, but to simply illustrate that even a ‘late start’ doesn’t have to hold you back!

  60. Jose Lamboy says:


  61. Jermaine says:

    Hey man I got my very first drumkit yesterday. I had been watching some of your videos prior to recieving it and I just signed up for the bootcamp package. Super excited to start it!

  62. Dietrich says:

    I started drumming about a year ago and decided to start teaching myself. Came across your drum fill videos on YouTube. They helped me to become comfortable incorporating fills into my play at church. Looking forward to learning more and honing my skills through your program!

  63. Marty says:

    It’s been too long hearing you talk ’bout drums, practising, focus etc etc. Let the diddles begin!

  64. Alastair Jenkin says:

    I wanted to drum as a kid but was sidelined into clarinet. Now I’m determined to play catch up as I near 60. Lot’s of drum lesson systems out there and I’m taking an initial plunge with you, on the basis of your boot camp offers. I’m old enough to know that one has to do the hard miles to make any progress, so here goes.

    • Stephen says:

      I love it Alastair! You will be happy to know that a TON of the community here are in your exact same boat (maybe minus the clarinet though lol).

      If you have questions, let me know. And, if you can, check out the live zoom call schedule and try to make one of those. I would love to meet you!

  65. Robert L Lingo says:

    I just think you are one of the greatest teachers for drumming I have been learning from many others including packs I have paid for in the past from Drumeo and YouTube vids. I try to buy everything I can from you because the content is so good. I still have not been able to find a job yet, thank you so much for everything you do for everyone. God bless and have a great Thanksgiving. Will you look and make sure I have not bought any duplicate lessons. I try to not, but sometimes I fail to see what others may see.

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