Every Breath You Take Drum Lesson

“Every Breath You Take” – The Police – Stewart Copeland


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20 comments on “Every Breath You Take Drum Lesson

  1. Lindsay Graves says:

    Great short lesson. More info in such a short period is great for us the have short attention spans.

  2. Robert Hawkins says:

    cool breakdown – used to cover this song with a band back in the mid 1990s, sung by a great female singer, crowds used to love it, really used to set the room moving.

  3. Bob Valente says:

    Very Cool! As I listened to this fill & explanation, I was blown away with its simplicity. You have a knack for breaking down the complicated beats so they can be understood and placed into that mental vault between the ears. Keep it up Stephen & don’t stop doing what you’re doing.


  4. Don F. says:

    Played this song with a cover band 20 years ago, and now I see how horribly I did. lol Stewart is an amazing drummer. Always thought his almost-traditional grip was interesting.
    There is even more to the drums in this song. From watching their videos, he does ride the floor tom in the beginning, & 1 & … & 3 &… with accents on 1 and 3.
    Also several other little tricks that none of us mere mortals will ever pick up on.

  5. Matt says:

    One of my all time fav drummers too along with Bonham, once again Steven simple explanation and credit too you, I am not a student of yours “yet” but soon will be
    Keep up the great work and time you put into your students and vids


  6. Matt says:

    Loops spelt your name wrong, I’m blaming auto correct on this one hahahaha

  7. Tom Davenport says:

    I’d love you to break down a classic rush tune (not easy I know). Tom Sawyer, limelight, spirit of radio, closer to the heart etc…..but for BASIC drum kit set up, without 10,000 toms. Love your lessons man, improved my playing and teaching immeasurably. Tom Scarborough, uk ????????

  8. Tony Mazzara says:

    Thank you Stephen,
    Your lessons are always so informative and fun.

  9. Elke says:

    love this!!! Recently started on the drums when my son started lessons… loved this song back in the 80’s and even more now!!!

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