Easy Beginner Drum Fill

Easy Beginner Drum Fill


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  1. Rolf Hinken says:

    Hi Stephen, I am watching Your YouTube videos for quite some time and I love them.
    I am originally from Germany but I live in Alberta, Canada for 24years now. In Germany I played Marching drum in kind of a Marching band called Tambour Corps, in case You would like to YouTube it. I never learned to read music and the Rudiments i learned where different too. I always wanted to learn to play the drum kit. So now I am 52 years old and I bought a used Yamaha kit for 300 bucks. It came with a bunch of hardware cymbals. I will replace all the heads and have to get a practice room ready in my shops basement. I also have a Yamaha electric kit at home . I practice my Rudiments and try to get better at it. I really like the first drumfill lesson but I am not getting it as quick as your 7 year old student, hahaha.
    All the best and thank You

    • Stephen says:

      Great to hear from you Rolf! And don’t worry…everyone learns things in their own time. That’s the beautiful thing about life…we’re all so unique in how we learn. Let me know if you have questions!

  2. Larry says:

    Thank you Stephen,
    I’m a beginner (at an old age) and this was a great lesson, very easy to understand, and taught me how to put things together. I was struggling with that and this helped me get that going smoothly. Thank you for reaching out to those of us who need a little push to get things going.

    • Stephen says:

      So glad it helped Larry…and don’t worry, I talk to SO many drummers every day that are in your same age demographic and killing it on the drums! You’re in good company!

  3. Jeff Castille says:

    Hey Stephen,
    I’ve never left a comment on anyone’s drum teaching site before because I’m just beginning, which may be nuts at age 57. But after seeing others comment who are in their 50’s, I decided to embarrass myself. lol I did get a kit when I was 17 and banged on them with no instruction for a short time but I don’t consider that as playing. I have always been interested in drumming. When going to concerts, I catch myself only watching the drummer rather than the front man. Since the internet, I’ve been studying and have become somewhat familiar with reading drum music and drumming terms. Anyway, I’ve recently retired and have extra time, so about a month ago, I bought a cheap Ludwig evolution kit but I’ve replaced several pieces just recently. I bought a Ludwig 5 X 14 Supraphonic LM400 snare, a set of Zildjian A series cymbals including the high hats, a Tama Iron Cobra 600 Hi-hat stand and a Tama Iron Cobra 600 kick drum pedal. So, now I have so much invested, I am committed to learning as best as I can. I watch your videos and they have helped but I still have a long way to go. Especially with my weak left hand that I work on every night for at least a couple of hours on a practice pad and I’ve noticed some improvement. Do you think it’s possible for me to develop muscle memory and coordination at my age or does your body lose that ability and it’s too late for me??? As the saying goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. I’m not expecting to become an excellent drummer or even have intentions to be part of a successful band. This is just a past time and a personal challenge. Do you think with dedication and practice, it’s reasonably possible to learn to play reasonably well or I’m just wasting my time? I appreciate your professional opinion.

    • Stephen says:

      Hey Jeff…so the majority of the drummers I speak with on a daily basis are in your age demographic, many of them just starting out. So I’m short, no, it’s absolutely not to late to learn. Especially if you’re passionate about it. I don’t believe your age will be a hindrance at all. I just did a video review for a member a couple of days ago, she’s over 70, a grandmother, and was rocking out to the White Stripes. I think there’s never been a better time for you to learn. Let me know if I can help in any way my friend!

  4. Pat Christianson says:

    hey Stephen,
    Bought myself a drum set for Christmas and am learning to play. Thanks for the first drum beat and fill lesson with grooves on sheet music! I’m just getting started. Appreciate the demos and the advice as to how to get started (I also listened to you about grooves, timing, and transitions). that was helpful too. I’m going to work on this first and think I’ll be back for more lessons! You’re cool and easy to listen to.. Thanks!

  5. Lisa Spitz says:

    I am 50 years old and just got Alexis electric drum kit. I have never played anything musical and can’t read music yet. I have taken your first drum lesson and first drum roll video. I might join your lessons. It is so much fun! Thank you.

    • Hey Lisa! Thanks for stopping by. Very cool you are getting into drumming now – it is NEVER too late to start. That is one thing we’ve learned from our members here at the online drum school. If you ever have questions let us know. We would love for you to be a part of the community here!

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