How To Drum: Fastest Way To Improve Your Single Stroke Roll, Drum Lesson


Fastest Way To Improve Your Single Stroke Roll

A drum lesson on an exercise that will help you quickly improve your Single Stroke Roll. Be sure and download the sheet music available below the video


Be sure and leave a comment below about this Single Stroke Roll exercise!


11 comments on “How To Drum: Fastest Way To Improve Your Single Stroke Roll, Drum Lesson

  1. Jamie Joiner says:

    Hey Stephen, great lesson and I’m definitely going to work this into my practice routine.

    Is there a certain speed at which I should start changing my technique? For example, do I need to pinpoint a bpm where I need to switch to finger technique (French or German)? Or should I try and work on building up fast speed with the left hand without having to switch to another technique?

    I’m finding that when I play rudiments and push the speed, I’m so limited by my left hand not being able to play strokes as fast as my right hand. Not sure if I should be working on wrist/moelar strokes, or if I should be switching to finger technique when I reach certain speeds.

    Do you have any advice?

    I’ll also go and watch some more of your technique videos in the meantime.


    • Stephen says:

      Good question…you should switch to fingers at some point. Or, you could be throwing via a Moeller method. But there is a tempo at which it makes sense to switch to fingers. That’s different for different players so pay attention to your bpm’s and notice when you should switch. You’ll need to work that transition to smooth it out. As well, target your left hand in your practice. Spend a good amount of time on it alone until you begin to see it at least slightly catch up with that right. Until then, your rolls will be held back regardless.

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  3. DavidC says:

    One word – excellent.

  4. Robert Roche says:

    Simply put … this is a GREAT exercise!
    Keep up the amazing videos!

    Thank you, Stephen, SO much for sharing!!!

  5. Udo Smidt says:

    Hello Stephen, now this is an utterly useful lesson you taught us here: not a shortcut but a realistic way to get where we want to be with our drumming! Thanks, Udo

  6. Lynne says:

    Hi Stephen
    Total beginner here…(drumming on books..believe it or not, till I sort out a mini drum kit). Trying to work on single stroke roll technique. very slow going. Anyway thank you for the sheet music for this exercise..Really well laid out and easy to read..And your exercise helps keep me interested.. and alert!

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