10 Drum Beats That Work


10 Drum Beats That Work


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11 comments on “10 Drum Beats That Work

  1. Olaf says:

    Great stuff. Thank you for sharing

  2. Jonathan says:

    Great Steve !!! You are so generous in making / producing lot of good drummers through your great service!!! God Bless !!!

  3. Aries April Teves says:

    It’s so nice and great thank you for sharing God bless

  4. Yes thank You the drum sheet music is great and so is all the lessons on YouTube I will to learn to ayGospel Hyms and praise and worship songs.Stephen explains shows in great detail how to best of all the rest I believe not that others are not good but Stephens YouTube videos on able to follow the exact steps after a few times watching cause it’s in such detail on videos and explained real easy to under stand I thought drum lessons would be hard to catch onto but 62 and enjoying it all thou I do have to lock the door so I don’t miss out on any detail so not disturbed if not right off the bat I’m able after five or six play backed to get it Great Teaching Be Blessed More.

  5. Thank You Stephen for doing Videos in great detail so it’s easy to catch on to follow You Be Blessed more You and All Yours.

  6. Adrian Huang says:

    Thank you, Stephen! I am a beginner. I like your youtube videos and the way you talk! The things you taught in the videos are very useful! Thank you! I have subscribed your channel :)

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