Don’t Stop Believing Drum Lesson

“Don’t Stop Believing” – Journey – Steve Smith


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11 comments on “Don’t Stop Believing Drum Lesson

  1. Rob Labig says:

    Yep … already started my son on “Don’t Stop Believing.” You can finish him ???? I was going to have to do what you have now already done .. make a video. Great job as always.

    Thanks Stephen.

  2. Justin D. Krull says:

    Great job on ‘Don’t Stop Believing!’ As always, I listened back and you are right on the money; Steve would be proud. My favorite Journey song (Man, I can only pick one!), is ‘Open Arms.’ The lyrics and music are beautiful and I think it definitely showcases Steve Perry’s amazing ‘pipes.’ To me ‘Open Arms’ is one of those songs that is easy enough to air drum to, but then you or another drummer gets behind the kit and it all just kind of falls apart. I think what makes this song so difficult is: it’s slow, there’s a lot of ‘air’ in there, and it’s in 6/8. All told, for me, it’s a recipe for a cover disaster!l

    I’ve often sat at my drums frustrated at this ballad. Is it just me, or does Perry sing the chorus a little “swung”, while Smith keeps it “straight” I’m the background? I’m probably wrong…it wouldn’t be the first time, certainly not the last, either!

    Stephen, would you be so kind as to give some tips on playing these slower songs and ballads? What do you do with all that “space” in the song and not feel like you have to lay back so much that you almost fall asleep, or off your drum throne!?

    As always, g-r-e-a-t job on the lesson and the channel! Are there any recordings of you playing drums that we could check-out and then ask you questions about: how you made your part, what your mindset was, and would you do anything different now that the song has had a chance to settle? Also, a list of 20-30 songs every cover drummer should know, would be great!

    I’m budgeting my money so I can sign-up for a membership! If they are anything like your YouTube videos, then it will be money well spent. Stephen, thanks for all you do for the drumming community.

  3. Armen Dumalagan says:

    Thank you for teaching us the proper way of playing this song. I always thought you should hit the 1st. tom then 2nd. tom & floor tom. Boy was I wrong! Great video! Thanks & God bless you!

  4. Edgar Aquino says:

    Excelent class, thanks a lot!

  5. Paul says:

    Thank you for taking the time to break this down.

  6. Clifford E says:

    Great Job Stephen I’m glad to hear it the way it originally way played Thank You again I can tell Your decated Teacher and make it easy to see understand how to play drums Your a great Teacher Thank You again.

  7. Nils Pfeifer says:

    Hi Stephen, great job with a great song, you are such a brilliant teacher! I love watching your videos and doing your lessons!
    I’m just a bit confused about the 1st measure: you say that 4 is 2nd tom, but 1st floor tom of your drum set (and in Steve Smith’s video he hits 2nd tom). But in the sheet music 4 is floor tom, so shouldn’t it be 2nd tom in the sheet music instead for people with a “traditional” set with just one floor tom?
    Cheers, Nils

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