Blushda – That Drum Lick That Impresses Everyone


The Blushda – That Drum Lick That Impresses EVERYONE




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7 comments on “Blushda – That Drum Lick That Impresses Everyone

  1. Glenn Diecedue, Sr. says:

    I was impressed with your second line playing. I am a New Orleans drummer that’s been playing street beats all my drumming life. isn’t the Blushda nothing more than the 30th. rudiment, the Flam Drag?

    • Henne says:

      The Flam Drag has a different Sticking ;)

      • Stephen says:

        Correct…it’s an alternating sticking (which I do demonstrate and should have referenced the flam drag). As well, it has a different accent pattern.

    • Stephen says:

      Man…I miss seeing the brass bands in person. So much culture. And thank you…it’s a style I really enjoy.

      To your question…yea, if you alternate it it’s the flam drag. Swiss rudiment. Typically the blushda will be played non-alternating making it a different deal (think flam tap and inverted flam tap type of deal). As well, in the traditional flam drag, it’s only accented on the downbeat. Accenting both notes is what really makes this one pop. Would be fun to throw this in some of the newer style brass arrangements…I’ve noticed that the newer players are much busier on the snare and almost have a crashing sound to the cymbal playing. Much more aggressive style. Not better or worse, just noticed that the other day.

  2. Jay Wallis says:

    We had a warm up when I was on drumline that focuaed on Flam Accents and didles. Alternating measure rlrlrl flam accents then add didles to starting on first stroke (cheese) and moving to 2nd (blushes w/o accent) and finally diddle 3rd stroke. I’ve never heard of Blushda, but immediately was familiar.

    • Stephen says:

      Yea, so if you alternate those stickings you’ll notice it’s a flam drag. When you hit them same hand with those 2 accents it becomes the blushda. Glad it was familiar to you!

  3. Kevin says:

    Muchas gracias desde Uruguay! Abrazo grande! Es un honor recibir este material de parte de un gran referente!!!

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